#CPA-TDL - Survive Thru Will - Stella

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Lola Hayes · 74

Campaign Play-Along with MythosBusters.

  • Campaign: Dunwich Legacy (Some Return encounter sets maybe)
  • Difficulty: Standard - 3 Hand Solo
  • Taboo: None
  • Card Pool: NotZ x2, RtNotZ, Starters, TDL, RtTDL
  • Team: Survive Thru Will
  • Role: Lead Investigator, Enemy Management
  • Teammates: Minh, Agnes

Hello this is Chirubime's campaign account. I'm very scared of Dunwich and thus I have brought 3 investigators who all have access to A Test of Will and will survive through our sheer willpower.

Hopefully going to have enough XP to get Déjà Vu in order to play valuable Exile targets like Flare, Leather Coat(1), A Test of Will(2), and Fire Extinguisher. Some tech chooses are Cunning Distraction for BotA, Bait and Switch for U&U, Dumb Luck for.... I guess HAW? See you in Dunwich everyone!

Wern212's Weakness Drawing: Atychiphobia

Scenario 1A: Extracurricular Activity

Starting Hand:

Notes: Removed the Agents of Yog-Sothoth encounter set and put in the Vassal of the Lurker. They seemed slightly easier to deal with. Also swapped out The Beyond encounter set. Basically with both perils (Resurgent Evils and Terror From Beyond) out of the encounter deck, I could Test of Will for each other that game.

Stella cleared Orne Library using 4 actions 2 investigates, 1 passed with NRNS, and the other was a fail that I live and learned so i was testing at 4 to 3, and then drew a -3 so I could play Look What I Found. Probably very expensive play, but what can you do.

Warded Ancient Evils that was going to lose make the timer run out on killing the experiment despite having all of the clues needed at the Dormitories. After Minh and Stella let Arcane Barrier deck them out, they could refresh decks and avoid BTV.

Struggled the most for sure, there weren't that many tests to fail with purpose. Also, Granny Orne was discarded a few times before I could see her.

Resolution 3: 9 VP, 1 Delve discarded.

Ending State:


  • Quick Learner x2 Well. Might as well improve Stella's fail curve to get the most out of Rabbits Foot and Take Heart.

Scenario 1B: House Always Wins

Starting Hand: