Tommy Muldoon: Be Thou a Guard unto Them

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LivefromBenefitSt · 633


A try at a Tommy deck. As usual, I am planning on a 2-player, standard play-through, probably paired with a Seeker or other clue-getter. I have run Tommy mostly in one-shots, so I wanted to see how he advances during a campaign -- preferably something like TFA with its hordes of enemies. My basic theme is grab all the enemies, kill them, maybe pick up a clue or two during quite moments from the encounter deck. As usual, comments and suggestions welcome.

Notable Cards


  • Survival Knife -- Even in 2-hand, Tommy may not be able to kill everything he catches
  • Tetsuo Mori -- soak, resources, find the items. Does anyone else feel callous when they play Tetsuo over and over?
  • Riot Whistle -- gets enemies off the clue-getter, deals with Aloof, what's not to love except the slot?



  • "Not without a fight!" -- I expect Tommy will be engaged with enemies more often than not
  • Daring -- it was either this of Steadfast, and, while the latter's boost is helpoful for Tommy, fighting is what he is meant to do


Fairly simple Tommy the Tank. Stay reasonably close to your partner, engage all the enemies and kill them ASAP. Clear out pesky Aloof enemies. Strengths: decent damage potential, lots of engage tools, a small amount of clue-getting. Weaknesses: Tommy's usual -- low draw, early economy, and a and that aren't quite good enough for the job.


Usual Tommy. You want a weapon (preferably not Becky and some soak. Tetsuo Mori is great in your opening hand, as is Stand Together.


In rough order

After that, maybe upgrade Vicious Blow, Dynamite Blast, or maybe get Charisma. Finding space for Ace of Swords couldn't hurt, either....