Mary - Favored of the Goddess (And Packing)

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magistrix · 182


Build a bless-focused Mary that can serve primarily as enemy handler, with a strong supportive focus.




Total Cost: 26 (36 with holy spears)


May 11, 2021 LegorVM · 1

I'm not sure if Deny Existence can cancel Crisis of Faith since is a weakness and not a treachery card.

If im wrong make me know it please.

May 11, 2021 magistrix · 182

For determining card type, Crisis of Faith is considered an "encounter" card once it is drawn, per the FAQ ruling on weaknesses: This is what allows Deny Existence to interact with it (you can opt to take horror for all the bless tokens and then cancel the horror).

May 12, 2021 MrGoldbee · 1061

16 assets & no skills?!

May 12, 2021 Django · 3554

Deny Existence can be used on Diana Stanleys weakness (they are kind of similar) so it should be fine with marys.

May 19, 2021 tomcool · 1

@LegorVM Following the FAQ 1.12:

(1.12) Weaknesses With Encounter Cardtypes Weaknesses with an encounter cardtype (such as enemies or treacheries) are considered to be player cards while they are in their bearer’s deck, and are considered to be encounter cards while they are being resolved, and once they have entered play. Before a weakness with an encounter cardtype is resolved, it is still considered to be a player card.

Therefore, while it is being resolved, you CAN cancel the damage with deny existence

May 21, 2021 tomcool · 1

@magistrix I like the idea of the build but it feels a little weird to have 6 assets that go into hand slots. Especially when you have 2H weapons. what is the priority for them?

May 21, 2021 magistrix · 182

Unfortunately, Mary cannot take Adaptable so, although she will eventually get Bandolier for the extra 2 hands and will bonus, she won't be able to get everything out until then. At the start, the priority is to get .35 Winchester out, then either Blessed Blade or Ritual Candles once you have a bandolier on.

Either of the 1H items are definitely droppable for something else if you prefer, I was partly going for theme with the candles (since Mary is always holding a candle in her artwork) and the Blessed Blade is one of the few level 0 bless techs.

May 21, 2021 tomcool · 1

oh i completely missed the bandolier. doh. This actually looks super fun. Have you thought of Enchant Weapon?

Jun 05, 2021 jcmag · 1

How do you manage her low health? First scenario of Innsmouth I died on health damage... :-(

Jun 05, 2021 magistrix · 182

Bandolier and Olive can be used as buffers in a pinch. Guardian angel is great if you can get it out. If you’re worried about health though, starting with a True Grit or Guard Dog might be a good idea. (Although, guard dog might warrant going charisma early on because Olive/Nephthys are great to have out).