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duke_loves_biscuits · 998

Lily has many different journeys available to her. This is but one of her paths...

Most investigators get "free stuff" from their investigator card: resources, actions, whatever. Lily gets nothing free. Instead she trades tempo for the power of her discipline. So to make best use of her, we want to be using that power, and coming out swinging on turn 1.

This deck runs as a "fighter" deck in multiplayer. It would work well paired with a seeker, but could run in any game. Essentially this deck has 3 main missions:

1 = Kill monsters.
2 = Treachery defense.
3 = Smash important tests

It's similar to a Diana deck, but one that can actually fight on harder difficulty levels. It's similar to a purple Zoey deck but with stronger base combat, better treachery defence, and the ability to pass any test on your turn.

Start with Discipline: Pescience of Faith, this puts your combat up to 5, and with an Enchanted Blade, should allow you to dispatch most early-campaign monsters, even on Expert. Don't be afraid to throw a Knife at something, you're going to upgrade out of them. Spectral Razor and Prepared for the Worst provide support, and Safeguard ensures you are where you need to be.

Crucially, the Discipline gives you the ability to defeat any face up test. You shouldn't need this for combat, so use it to break open key scenario tests on locations, face-up treacheries, or even to evade if truly needed. Hell, use it for combat if you really have to, but only as a last resort.

When you're not fighting, draw cards, get resources and boost your stats with Unexpected Courage, David Renfield and Holy Rosary. This should set you up well for the mythos phase, which is your favourite phase.

Planting her feet firm, Lily looked deep into the eyes of the encounter deck, unwavering, unbroken. She uttered three words in mandarin, the exact translation to english imprecise, but a casual linguist might render the characters as: Bring. It. On.

While you're dispatching the encounter deck, along with "Let me handle this!", Ward of Protection, Unexpected Courage, Promise of Power , Guts and Deny Existence you should be keeping an eye on the clock.

Squeeze out 1 or 2 Delve Too Deep's before you leave, and your team should be ready for upgrades before you know it.

Key Upgrades:

First off, you need to get rid of the Knife. It's terrible, but there aren't any other good options in Mystic/Neutral, and you wanted to save your blue cards for ones you will keep. Likewise you want more ways of saving your friends, which "Fool me once..." does. The Hammer is amazing, and will be swinging for 3 damage, without ammo for most of the campaign. Your slotted Prepared for the Worst at level 0 just for this reason.

Once you've got your hammer, you're pretty much good to go. Once you hit 15 XP, you get another Discipline (a boost to willpower and healing), and the rest of the suggested upgrades you can chew through at you're own pace.

Other Upgrades:

Vicious Blow is nice, you would have taken it at 0XP if you had any free blue slots. Of the cards above, you probably don't need the Enchanted Blade upgrade, as the Hammer is so strong once you find it. Xavier and Stand Together are a good pairing, as the latter covers the additional cost of losing Renfield. Alignment of Spirit gives you very solid healing options, so feel free to detonate Xavier as needed. The upgraded Holy Rosary is just good, even without any Bless support, if you have the XP to spare. Leadership (2) is normally a middling card, but here it hits all of our sweet spots and is a great fit.

Edge of the Earth cards you might consider for upgrade are:

  • On The Hunt (3)
  • Fang of Tyr'thrha
  • Protective Gear

On The Hunt (0) isn't very good IMO, but the upgraded version is much much better. It always hits, gets any monster we want, and comes with a nice payday. It fits our game plan of protecting our allies very well.

Fang of Ty'thrha is a powerful upgrade over the Spectral Razor, but pricey XP-wise. And Protective Gear could be good in the upcoming campaign, and with "Let me handle this!", allows you to take and cancel hazards from your allies. We'll have to see how many Hazards are upcoming, but perhaps they included it in this expansion for a reason...


Sep 10, 2021 Lemilissa · 36

I love this deck! I especially love that it runs Delves because if anything VP greed is the core of the game haha. I really feel like Lily can bash some heads once her first upgrade comes with: Cyclopean Hammer!

Sep 12, 2021 Blurbwhore · 1

This deck looks like a lot of fun. Can you explain how you'd use Prescience of Fate to "face up treacheries"? Are you talking about one's that sit in your threat area? Taking the action to give yourself +5 for your next test only lasts for the turn, but even if it did last into the next mythos, you'd have to know you were drawing a treachery with a test in order for that to work.

Sep 12, 2021 duke_loves_biscuits · 998

Yes, I mean you can smash face-up treacheries like Frozen in Fear, Arcane Barrier, Bedeviled, Undertow, etc etc, as well as scenario and location tests. Having an answer to these sorts of attack is pretty valuable, especially as the danger of these attacks seems to have been ramping up in recent campaigns. Undertow can be brutal.