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lelel555 · 2111

Grim Memoir is fair, unless you are not Daisy and you don't have Abigail Foreman in play. I think it is unfair that it even does not exhaust.And since Daisy has additional Tome action, it basically means 5 (conditional) actions a turn with a lot of card draw.

Daisy Walker by Aleksander Karcz. Copyright by FFG 2019

Credits: Aleksander Karcz, FFG'2019.

Deck Idea

As I think of it now, the idea of this deck is pretty straightforward: Big Hand daisy drawing a lot of cards, playing whatever she wants to play. It turned out that the deck is working perfectly fine at level 0.

You can take Abigail Foreman usually after Scenario 1. Then Grisly Totem and Charisma should be at most after S3. But most of the pieces are from the beginning in the level 0 deck.

How to pilot the deck:

  • It takes a couple of turns to set up. You'll probably need one whole deck pass to set everything up, but meantime you'll do your cluever job, don't worry. After the first deck pass, you'll cycle through your deck almost every round.

Other tips:

  • Use Magnifying Glass to drop used Grim Memoir
  • Ward of Protection the treacheries that deal damage or takes too long to read them.
  • Try to play the second copy of Dream-Enhancing Serum. Try it. It is nice to draw 2 cards instead of 1.
  • If you have Grim Memoir, Grisly Totem in play, then if you do not investigate with committing a card, it means you're doing something wrong and please go rethink your Arkham life.
  • Do not get rid of The Necronomicon. It's not worth it. And actually, this advanced one is not that bad. Depending on the scenario, it might be even not that punishing. It was once something like -1 and "if you fail…", after all. But once it was something like -14 and take 1 damage/horror. Manageable.
  • Encourage your fighter to take Safeguard. Preferably in both copies for easier setup. With your Shortcuts or Esoteric Atlas, you are reaching the sound barrier.
  • Advanced Daisy's Tote Bag is quite handy and provides you a lot of hand slots.

Level 0 Deck

Further upgrades

You can consider:

Mythos protection

You have Ward of Protection pretty much every turn. If you have an enemy, then it's a job for your fighter. And if you are away, it means you either play The Circle Undone or you're doing something weird that should not happen.

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May 29, 2023 DirtySocrates · 1

Good deck to start with! I'm playing TCU with a full team and found the first scenario difficult. I suggest looking into swapping some cards for Mind over Matter and Occult Lexicon to give some more independence for the start of the scenario.

May 30, 2023 elkeinkrad · 429

XP is expensive but The Raven Quill is good upgrade candidate for this deck, I think. With Mystic Vane, her during investigation with Grim More is 9. With Interwoven Ink, 1 more Abigail can do (see review). Supernatural Record increases the stability at the beginning of the game. Then, the problem is the number of secret, but we have Enraptured, Ghastly Possession, and Ariadne's Twine.

By the way, I want to talk about the slight rule note: if you move to a location using Esoteric Atlas, your friend cannot follow you using Safeguard since safeguard requires you moving a connecting location to follow you (not teleporting).