Innate. Spell.

XP: 1.
Test Icons:

After you commit Ghastly Possession to a skill test on an asset, choose one:

- Place 1 doom on that asset. Ghastly Possession gains .

- If this test is successful, either remove 1 doom from this asset, or replenish half of its uses (rounded down).

Anders Finer
The Scarlet Keys Investigator Expansion #90.
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Just a small review to express how much better this card is compared to the already highly praised Enraptured.

I have used and loved Enraptured in almost every Deck that can use it: Daisy Walker, Luke Robinson, Jacqueline Fine, Sefina Rousseau, Father Mateo, Jim Culver, Marie Lambeau, Carolyn Fern, Gloria Goldberg, Patrice Hathaway and even some Mandy Thompson.

It is hard sometimes to reliably succeed test as a primary , but the boost from St. Hubert's Key and Read the Signs helped tremendously.

Here, for 1xp, I now have a instead of a (which is great for ), I replenish at least 1 use, and I add the crazy versatility of reloading literally anything with uses. The only downside is that you can only replenish the uses of an asset that you use Ghastly Possession on, so it must involve a test of any sort.

You can find here the list of all the assets which would receive at least 2 uses from Ghastly Possession, if they involve a test. The outstanding ones IMO are:

Valentin1331 · 24483
Sadly, we need to commit Ghastly Possession to "a skill test on an asset" to replenish its uses. It means that we can only refill the asset initiating test. At your current review, the following asset is illegal target: Grotesque Statue, The Necronomicon, and Scrying Mirror; for Strange Solution, only Acidic Ichor & Freezing Variant works. Of course, Ghastly Possession is really good skill, I think. — elkeinkrad · 399
Thanks, I did this in between 2 meetings and forgot this aspect half way through. I'll edit :) — Valentin1331 · 24483
a big one is definitely shotcaster. only card that can refill that — Zinjanthropus · 212
My friend ran this in a Norman deck with the good old Astronomical Atlas + Livre d'Ebon loop. After a few rounds of intense fighting his Shrivelling (0) ended up with 10 charges. Just imagine what a monstrous cluever he would be if it was Divination (4) instead. — koaexe · 12
I'm also playing this with Norman and it's pretty busted. Written in the stars and astronical atlas let me keep my divination topped off. It's funny how the best part of the card is probably just the last bit. — SpicyNugy · 2
I'm curious how the term replinish works. My interpretation is that you can't put more charges on the asset then it entered with. This is how replinish works for cards like prophetic. And that means you can't have ten charges on Shrivelling like the above example. Any thoughts on this? — SpicyNugy · 2
On Runic Axe, it is quite clear that "replenish" is capped inside the uses value. In this case I interpret it like this : For example of .45 Automatic, if it has 2, 3 ammo then it doesn't get any ammo. If it has 0, 1 ammo it is increased to 2. — 5argon · 2996
If there is a hard limit on the number of uses it should say (limit X uses on Y asset) or something. Compare Ornate Bow to something like .45 Automatic for example. Similarly I believe Akachi playing Runic Axe means it enters play with 5 charges, even though its replenishment effect should only get it up to 4. Also if your interpretation is valid then The Red Clock is useless because it enters play with 0 charges. — koaexe · 12
At least my interpretation is that replenish and add are just like cancel and ignore - two verbs that do basically the same thing but have very minor differences in where they can be or are used. — koaexe · 12

After a long time, wonderful mystic skill is released. We could choose one of two effect, and each has good effect.

First effect helps we to place one doom on an asset card. Of course, generally this effect is not good, but it is not true for some cases. Marie Lambeau may want to place one doom to gain additional action. For the deck with Elle Rubash, this effect helps we to attach any card with skill test into the Elle to get +1 skill test. I have a note that placing a doom is resolved immediately, so that we have a chance to trigger Elle's ability during the test.

Second effect is more flexible and good. Removing a doom is situational, but when we only focus on replenishing uses, it is very common and good effect. Moreover, this effect refers to the asset's uses value. This card is almost the first released efficient charge adding card for the EotE spell series, such as Brand of Cthugha or Blur. Moreover, there is no restriction of charge or your test. It means that you may commit this card to your friend's (or you?) M1918 BAR to add 4 ammo or Flamethrower to add 2 ammo.

Additional notes:

  • Ghastly Possession is spell card, so that it is searched by Arcane Initiate.
  • We can trigger empty Brand of Cthugha or Divination and commit Ghastly Possession, and replenish charges before spending charges to resolve Cthugha/Divination effect; not for Blur since it requests charges when triggering.
elkeinkrad · 399
card is also really good with Abyssal Tome, setting up some nice damage burst. — Piecommander6 · 13

You can doom not just physical items but any kind of Asset, like Spell Asset that tends to have a skill test on them. While this sounds strange, TSK did come with cards that help getting rid of "doomed Spell" such as Explosive Ward or Uncage the Soul (3).

5argon · 2996
A fun pick in Silas. — MrGoldbee · 1313
I am wondering, if it is possible to actually take back this skill with Silas and still benefit from some lasting effect. If I interpreted the rules correctly, that should be possible, should it not? 'After you commit' means, you will create a lasting effect and it will take effect, even if Silas uses his ability. Would be neat as this would mean, he can actually 'recharge' chainsaw to a certain extent. — capu0000 · 1