Doomed Diana draws her blades

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Berrysimo · 20

Hey everyone, this is a version of Diana I've shared with players from our local community that received plenty positive reviews, so I decided to publish it here as well. Enjoy!

Deck summary

This Diana focuses on utilizing her exclusively to deal with enemies and protect her teammates. This is achieved thanks to two Permanent cards available to : Blood Pact and Sin-Eater.

The combat is further boosted by Cat Mask, which is replenished via our permanents assets. Notably it is also replenished when you move doom from Blood Pact to Sin-Eater, so you will have plenty of expandable offerings to boost any skill test you want.

To utilize the stat boost package we choose Survival Knife, Brand of Cthugha and Enchanted Blade as our weapons. There's no preference for one over another, so you are free to play whatever you find first.

Game plan and strategy

  • Being combat oriented, this Diana wants to find a weapon and be prepared to promptly dispatch of all the enemies that dare to spawn from the encounter deck. She also provides enough team support in forms of canceling especially nasty cards with her Dark Insight and Ward of Protection and healing with Soothing Melody.
  • Backpack and cantrips (Overpower, Daring, Second Wind and her ability with cancels) allow us to quickly find a weapon. The rest of assets is a cherry on top and compliments her gameplay nicely but is not mandatory for her to function as a fighter.
  • You have a lot of tuning available in terms of how much damage you want to deal. Brand of Cthugha, Enchanted Blade, Guard Dog, Strong-Armed, Vicious Blow allow you to deal precise amounts of damage.
  • You easily reach 7, 8 or 10 when attacking without committing any skills. All the weapons feature +2 by default, you get on tap +3 from Blood Pact and replenishable +2 from the mask offerings. This is enough to cover the majority of the chaos bag even on Hard and Expert.
  • Use the action advantage provided by Safeguard and Survival Knife to clear the Doom off of Sin-Eater during occasional quiet rounds.
  • Giggle a bit when your Terrible Secret is drawn, since it doesn't affect you in any way.

Upgrade path

  1. Upgrade your Blood Pact for free with Down the Rabbit Hole and Arcane Research discounts and add a second Safeguard to the deck.
  2. Get Sin-Eater for 7 exp. Remember that you have 1 exp banked from In the Thick of It.
  3. Upgrade your Backpack, weapons and spells with Down the Rabbit Hole and Arcane Research. Priority is Survival Knife, Brand of Cthugha, Enchanted Blade.
  4. Upgrade your skills in order: Vicious Blow, Strong-Armed instead of Promise of Power, Overpower.
  5. Upgrade Guard Dog and get Charisma.
  6. Turn your Emergency Cache into yet another cantrip and upgrade Second Wind.

I really liked this spin on Eldritch Knight Diana with the addition of some recent cards making her viable on higher difficulties without feeling gimmicky. She is plenty strong and mythos resilient with a great cardpool access. Have fun!