The Low-Check Chef's Deck

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Goodlake 25

I took this Zoey deck through NotZ and it was a cinch on Standard (but I repeat myself). They key to this deck is to maximize no-check clue gathering through the use of Art Student, Evidence!, Drawn to the Flame and Working a Hunch. When you factor in Calling in Favors and its ability to recycle Art Student, this allows up to eleven no-check clues. No check clues are particularly important for a solo Zoey deck, since she can't investigate well consistently and the six flashlight uses she has are precious.

When you're not drawing these key cards, you have Flashlight and Unexpected Courage to help you actually investigate (ugh), along with an abundance of Intelligence skill icons peppered throughout the deck.

Mulligan for: A weapon, an Ally, Calling in Favors and then any of your no-check events.

Machete is your #1 weapon target in most scenarios, but the .45 Automatic or .32 Colt will do if you're expecting numbers.

Art Student will ideally be your first Ally on the table, so you can leverage Calling in Favors on her twice.

Upgrade targets:

Beat Cop since he's much better in every way, but specifically because he can stay on the table long enough to be useful on his own AND to act as an anchor for Calling in Favors.


Apr 13, 2018 Django 1455

Interesting deck idea, 11 auto clues should be enough for 1-2 player game.

Did you consider A Chance Encounter 0 and later A Chance Encounter 2 instead of Working a Hunch? I know it costs an action, but it gets back the Art Student with her ability as soak (zoey has low sanity) and allows you to use Calling in Favors, should you draw it very late in the game. Chance Encounter is also very versatile, to bring back your dog or partner.

Apr 13, 2018 Goodlake 25

It’s an interesting idea, but it would require giving up Working a Hunch as you say, so you’d really be net zero from a clue perspective (I.e. you’d lose Working’s clue and at best get to play Art student a third time for a clue). And Zoey can’t take the upgraded version, either. That might be an interesting way to approach a Pete version of this deck, especially since he’d also get "Look what I found!", which while not an automatic clue, is another way to get around Pete’s 2-intellect (at least when Duke is exhausted). Plus it would be a target for Resourceful, meaning you could potentially play Art Student SIX times...

Apr 13, 2018 Django 1455

This is like a framework for several dunwich characters to auto clue. As you said it can be applied to "Ashcan" Pete and should work for Jenny Barnes too.

It doesn't make sense for Rex Murphy. It would be different approach to Jim Culver, but i guess i'd be more effective to take Rite of Seeking instead and boost his . Or do both, use Rite of Seeking and the auto clue cards.

Apr 13, 2018 StartWithTheName 6327

sadly Zoey cant have the upgraded chance encouter. 2 xp

Apr 16, 2018 CaiusDrewart 862

This looks good. I might consider dumping 1x Prepared for the Worst and 1x On the Hunt for 2x Overpower.

This will do great in Night of the Zealot. But for Dunwich you need a plan for Where Doom Awaits (where cheating out clues like this won't work), and for Carcosa you need something for Poltergeists.

Apr 17, 2018 Django 1455

I think this deck could be played in 2 player as well. If the other character has high , you've got scenarios like Where Doom Awaits covered.

I think the basic idea works good with Lola Hayes, too. She might be able to include more auto clue cards, if more exist.

Apr 17, 2018 Django 1455

Follow up on last comment. Besides Dynamite Blast there aren't any auto damage/kill events, so lola can't cover the combat part with that.

Apr 17, 2018 Goodlake 25

@CaiusDrewartSolo guardians not named Roland will tend to struggle with Poltergeists and I don't think it's worth building around one particular enemy. The deck is long Intelligence icons that should help Zoey investigate ghosts if need be. I agree that scenarios like Where Doom Awaits would be challenging for this deck, but you'll still only need to actually investigate 4-5 times. But it would make Arcane Studies a nice utility card to swap into ahead of the scenario.