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Django · 1806

The idea of this deck is to never make any tests on your turn. Instead the deck is filled with assets and events that give you clues and deal damage. I've included XP cards to showcase all options. See Variants section for 0 XP version.


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Aug 11, 2018 Evilamarant7x · 31

Have you tried this out? I'm curious how effective it could be. It certainly sounds fun. There's good clue pickup (no Drawn to the Flame?) and damage but it's entirely dependent on lots of card draw and there's no draw acceleration here. Do you actually make skill tests when you have no cards in hand or do you just spend time drawing?

Aug 11, 2018 Django · 1806

@Evilamarant7x I'm playing a similar deck with a custom character, it's not 100% this one, but i can share some experiences.

  • Drawn to the Flame: Not enough deck slots. All guardian "gain x clues" cards require enemies to work. But the encounter card could be a problem if it's an enemy and you're not prepared. However you could replace Scene of the Crime.
  • Getting clues with this deck works pretty well. They stay in one place and never respawn.
  • However enemies are very dynamic and other players had to save me. Usually enemies spawn while you have no damage cards or you have too many damage cards but no enemies.
  • Running out of cards also happens frequently or drawing the wrong ones (Evidence! is useless without an enemy).
  • Drawing cards VS tests: Hard to answers, it depends on many factors. Examples:
    • Events should be prefered if chaos tokens add doom or could kill you by damage/horror. So draw cards or play draw events.
    • If you're at shroud 1 you can easily investigate with her 4. But on shround 4 you're better of drawing cards.
    • Never draw a card as last action. It could be a Silver Twilight Acolyte or Internal Injury that does something bad immediately.

Aug 11, 2018 Evilamarant7x · 31

I've played with a similar Roland deck. I almost never had problems dealing with enemies but resources were a bit tight.