Skids - Turn 2 Cores into a 5 Character Pickup & Play Set

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"Skids" (2 Core, 5 Char, pick up and play - See Note) 57 34 16 1.0
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Skids - Turn 2 Cores into a 5 Character Pickup & Play Set 0 0 0 1.0
Malasombra True Solo (2 cores) 2 2 0 1.0
El plan de "Malasombra" O'Toole 0 0 0 1.0
Skids - 5 Character Core Pickup Set 3 1 0 1.0

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This is one of five decks designed to create as close possible to a pick up and play version of the base game from 2 core sets. The intention is that with all 5 constructed, up to 4 players can simply select the character of their choice needing only to transfer the following 6 cards from whichever char is not in play to any deck missing them:

All other cards have been distributed among the five chars in such a way as to make legal decks which are functional, reasonably thematic, and each offer a different play style. Basically a rationalisation of the starter decks from the manual. Obviously this has required the odd compromise, so please do not expect these to be super strong decks or all choices to be perfectly thematic but ive done what I can.

The other decks can be found here:

These replace a previous set of decks based on the same concept that I wrote when the game was new and I had much less experience. The "playing as Skids" section is written to be a short summary to present to new players should you need it.



This ex-con hasn’t forgotten all his old tricks. These horrors arn't hindered by the laws of the land and if your going to have a chance to beat them you can’t afford to be either. You’re going to need to act fast and thats going to take cash, however you can get it. Because for "Skids" O'Toole, Money is time. This deck is skill card and cash heavy leaving plenty of spare resources for big ticket items like Dynamite Blast, Leo De Luca, or bonus actions from his ability. Make good use of your Emergency Caches, old burglary skills, gambling Hot Streaks (later in the campaign), and , and you can have a 5 action investigator who sneaks around the edges gathering clues and collecting up burst damage options in case he`s caught in a tight spot. Just be careful to manage your horror carefully and pay off those Hospital Debts when they are due. You cant be On the Lam for ever.

  • Deck Complexity:.......High

  • Clue Gathering:..........Moderate

  • Damage Dealing:........Moderate/High in bursts

  • Evasion:.......................High

  • Physical Defenses:.....Good

  • Horror Defenses:.......Weak

Muligan targets: 1x Leo De Luca, Emergency Cache,1x Flashlight (Or if you want combat .41 Derringer/Backstab).


3 + 2 = 5... and 5 passes tests Your jack of all trades profile is a bunch of stats around 3. To pass tests reliably on standard mode you want to be testing at 2 above test strength. Since most tests are 3 or less, getting to 5 is a good bet. Most of the tools in this deck (e.g the skill cards, .41 Derringer, and sort of Flashlight) work on the basis that they will boost you by 2. Notice that you only need +1 to achieve the same. Thats a pip from Switchblade or a penny on Hard Knocks. Similarly if you want the damage boost from .41 Derringer, you'll want to put and extra +2 on top (Hard Knocks/Physical Training/Overpower)

Pick your fights You are very good at evading. You dont have to kill everything on sight. Really its just hunters, or other things that you cant let stay in play for whatever reason. Just ditch the chuff and move on. If something is giving chase for too long or you've managed to pile up a couple of evaded enemies, throw the Dynamite and dont even look back at the explosion. You're too cool for that.

Watch your Sanity 2 and 6 san leaves you vulnerable to sanity hits especially from the encouter deck. Keep back those Guts and Unexpected Courage for horror shocks, and grab Sure Gamble in due course as protection. save your First Aid for horror.




  • Hot Streak (4) - The missing link in the line up. It's a cash driven deck, and this is one of the strongest cash cards in the game.


  • Police Badge (2) - Did you just see Daisy taking an Encyclopedia? or maybe you want to run around the map On the Lam collecting enemies for a cheaky self-harming Dynamite Blast? How does a 7 action turn look all of a sudden? You have the resources to afford it and it even sures up his a little. Just be sure to steal it before Roland notices...
  • Sure Gamble (3) - More or less just lets you pass any test you failed unless it was a . Note that with this in hand, you can safely take tests at lower skill level. its like having a lucky streak. If you pass anyway you keep the card. If you fail spend it and your lucky streak is over.
  • Leo De Luca (1) - Getting a penny reduction on the action man himself means he can be played in the first turn.
  • Elder Sign Amulet (3) - Sures up that sanity deficit, though it competes for the accessory slot with Police Badge. Choose carefuly.
  • Cat Burglar (1) If you take this you probably want to drop Leo since they compete on slots. But with 5 and the option to just leave, you are going to be very hard to hit. This card has great synergy with Dynamite Blast. Just step away light a match and grin. Even better if you used On the Lam to collect up several enemies at once.



  • 2x Switchblade - Sadly needing to pass by 2 means this card rarely does anything apart from act as an pip for an evade action.
  • 2x Burglary - This can be tricky to pull off on anything but a 1 shroud location without spending some pips.
  • 1x Physical Training - Not as important as other things since you have Hard Knocks.
  • 2x Knife Ditch it if you can get a hold of better weapons



If no one took Roland, feel free to swap in some of the following:



If no one took Wendy, feel free to swap in some of the following:


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