Agnes - Turn 2 Cores into a 5 Character Pickup & Play Set

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Agnes (2 Core, 5 Char, pick up and play - See Note) 43 26 0 1.0
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The Agnes Baker Mysteries 0 0 0 1.0
Agnes - 5 Character Core Pickup Set 1 0 0 1.0

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This is one of five decks designed to create as close possible to a pick up and play version of the base game from 2 core sets. The intention is that with all 5 constructed, up to 4 players can simply select the character of their choice needing only to transfer the following 6 cards from whichever char is not in play to any deck missing them:

All other cards have been distributed among the five chars in such a way as to make legal decks which are functional, reasonably thematic, and each offer a different play style. Basically a rationalisation of the starter decks from the manual. Obviously this has required the odd compromise, so please do not expect these to be super strong decks or all choices to be perfectly thematic but ive done what I can.

The other decks can be found here:

These replace a previous set of decks based on the same concept that I wrote when the game was new and I had much less experience. The "playing as Agnes" section is written to be a short summary to present to new players should you need it.



The waitress with a something of a dubious home life. But don't let her day job fool you, where Agnes thrives is combating the occult. She packs several damage spell options, an action-less damage ability to deal with physical threats, and Protective wards and insatiable willpower to overcome with those that are less tangible. Such great powers inevitably come with a price as you trade your own sanity for Forbidden Knowledge and risk bolstering the enemy for powerful effects like Drawn to the Flame or Arcane Initiate. She`ll need to balance the risk and reward for the greater good, or perhaps even just her own glory

  • Deck Complexity:.......Medium

  • Clue Gathering:..........Low

  • Damage Dealing:........Very Good

  • Evasion:.......................Moderate

  • Physical Defenses:.....Good

  • Horror Defenses:.......Excellent

Muligan targets: Shrivellings, 1x Arcane Initiate,1x Holy Rosary.


There are a couple of tricks for using Arcane Initiate Play her the turn before the agenda would advance anyway. For example when there are 4 doom on a 5 doom agenda. Her doom doesn't cause the agenda to advance immediately, so while you go to 5 doom in play, it doesnt matter until the game checks doom, which will happen the next mythos phase AFTER doom is placed. ALL doom in play is then removed including the one on Arcane Initiate. Alternatively just kill her off. An easy trick is to take 1 horror on her leaving her with 1 left. Then there are a few ways to kill her off if the doom clock is a little tight: Forbidden Knowledge, Ward of Protection, an icon token from Shrivelling or just let an enemy hit her.

Cunning Distraction can be used as if it were a or skill card At that price its going to be hard to play it. Treat it like a copy of Guts with a little extra versitility.

Your damage is high but nuanced: Shrivelling wont last forever if youve ended up doing all the fighting for a group of 4. Your can be used on other players turns via Forbidden Knowledge to finish higher HP thing off if they can deal it a little damage. The 2 core format has required that she also has a few physical weapons (Baseball Bats/Knives) but these wont be enough to hit things with 3 or higher unless you can commit a pip from somewhere else. Try to use them on small enemies and save Shrivelling for bigger things. Notice also that Leather Coat can help you take attacks of opportunity to trigger your . Put the damage on the jacket and the horror on yourself.

Holy Rosary and Arcane Initiate both have 2 sanity. If you're going to take horror and not get the advantage of dealing some damage with it, put it on these. Each can take 1 without being discarded, and you probably want 1 horror on Arcane Initiate anyway (see above)




  1. Lucky! (2) - If you dont have Lucky! (basic version). If you do, treat this as optional. Lucky! is a fantastic card, but its been reserved for its synergy with Wendy. Ofc with the xp one you can both now have it!
  2. Grotesque Statue (4) - Great risk mitigation for important tests, or in combination with Shrivelling, may give you the choice to pick or avoid a ,, or token depending if you want or dont want to take the horror for your ability.


  • Blinding Light (2) - 2 Damage puts it on a par with most good weapons, and is often enough to kill basic enemies (you can take out 3 HP enemies by adding a ping from your ability via Forbidden Knowledge).
  • Book of Shadows (3) - You wont use the arcane slot, but the option to recharge Shrivelling is alright. Its a bit slow mind so be careful.





If no one took Daisy, feel free to swap in some of the following:



If no one took Wendy, feel free to swap in some of the following: