Wendy - Turn 2 Cores into a 5 Character Pickup & Play Set

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Wendy (2 Core, 5 Char, pick up and play - See Note) 38 24 0 1.0
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Wendy - Basic start 1 1 0 1.0
At Heidiā€˜s Wendy 0 0 0 1.0
Wendy Adams - Zero Ressources 1 0 0 1.0
Wendy myDeck 0 0 0 1.0
Wendy myDeck szenario3 0 0 0 2.0
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Wendy myDeck 0 0 0 6.0
Wendy True Solo (2 cores) 4 3 0 1.0
Wendy - Turn 2 Cores into a 5 Character Pickup & Play Set 0 0 0 1.0
Wendy - 5 Character Core Pickup Set 2 0 0 1.0

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This is one of five decks designed to create as close possible to a pick up and play version of the base game from 2 core sets. The intention is that with all 5 constructed, up to 4 players can simply select the character of their choice needing only to transfer the following 6 cards from whichever char is not in play to any deck missing them:

All other cards have been distributed among the five chars in such a way as to make legal decks which are functional, reasonably thematic, and each offer a different play style. Basically a rationalisation of the starter decks from the manual. Obviously this has required the odd compromise, so please do not expect these to be super strong decks or all choices to be perfectly thematic but ive done what I can.

The other decks can be found here:

These replace a previous set of decks based on the same concept that I wrote when the game was new and I had much less experience. The "playing as Wendy" section is written to be a short summary to present to new players should you need it.



This tenacious little orphan is just in the wrong place at the wrong time. Thankfully her time on the streets has taught her how to look out for herself. While she doesnt care for fighting, she is more than able to simply avoid harm altogether and disappear. Where she may have been unlucky in life, she has learned how to turn misfortune to her advantage, with unparalleled control of the chaos bag. Watch your comrades faces when all looks lost until you juggle cards around your discard pile, throw chance to the wind and come out on top looking like you could do this all day - Because Wendy does do it every day. If you like skirting around the edges, gathering information and thinking on your feet rather than facing the horrors head on, Wendy is the deck for you.

  • Deck Complexity:.......High

  • Clue Gathering:..........Good

  • Damage Dealing:........Bad

  • Evasion:.......................Excellent

  • Physical Defenses:.....Good

  • Horror Defenses:.......Good

Muligan targets: Wendy's Amulet, Flashlights, "Look what I found!'s".


Dont delay playing Wendy's Amulet. Its tempting to hold this back until you have a pile of events in the discard. This is hard to pull off well, and the Amulet's real advantage is in being able to discard events for Wendy's ability or use "Look what I found!"'s pips to investigate once, then still be able to play them.

Rabbit's Foot is item traited and has a "" (wild) pip on it. This means you can commit it to any test for a +1. If youre planning to take several investigate tests over the game Scavenging will eventually proc giving you the Rabbit's Foot back to commit to another test. Notice how Flashlight can help this happen (and ofc be recurred itself).

Ride the luck train! Cards like Lucky! and "Look what I found!" shouldn't be seen as panic recovery buttons. Try taking tests at 1 above test value while they are in hand, you'll usually have about a 50% chance to pass at that point anyway, and when you do - Great take the success and keep the card and when you dont, play it. The effect is like having a brief lucy streak while the card sits in hand. Rabbit's Foot has a similar subtle effect. If you'd like a card and theres a clue at your location, try investigating. If you fail, you just get to draw anyway. if you pass - you got a clue you would otherwise never have tried for.




  1. Cat Burglar (1) - Upgrade that Stray Cat into a human equivalent! Cat Burglar takes Wendy to a base of 5, which is more than enough to evade almost any foe. Or, if it doesnt hunt, use its ability to just walk away.
  2. Will to Survive (3) Simply guarantees everything you do for an entire turn just works, no questions asked. If no one took skids, that turn could even be 4 actions long. With Daisy`s Encyclopedia, that could be 4 actions with +2 to a stat, passing even bigger tests.


  • Close Call (2) - Throwing an enemy back where it came from is as good as a kill. Note that this can be played any time an enemy is evaded at your location - It doesnt have to be you doing it, and you can use it after things like Stray Cat or Cunning Distraction
  • Lucky! (2) You will be using Lucky! a lot, and bonus draw is nothing to be shunned when every card in your hand is potentially a re-draw of a chaos token via your ability.
  • Elder Sign Amulet Wendy rarely takes much damage or horror, but Abandoned and Alone will eventually deal you 2 horror, so it can be nice to put any non direct horror on other cards. Note the wild pip on an item asset for Scavenging just like you did with the Rabbit's Foot.



  • 2x Knife - Wendy cant really fight
  • 2x Opportunist - It rarely returns to hand. Think of it as a single wild pip for the most part.
  • 2x Stray Cat - If you can get a differnt ally
  • 2x Scavenging - Can be quite slow to use.
  • 2x Rabbit's Foot - Its not actually a bad card (see guidance above) with its wild pip and synergy with "Look what I found!", it just competes for Your Amulet slot unfortunately.



If no one took Agnes, feel free to swap in some of the following:



If no one took Skids, feel free to swap in some of the following:


Nov 01, 2019 DOpoku · 1

You da f'ing man, wanted to start this with some friends and get some tips/ decklist ideas for 2 core solo, so between the lists and swap outs everything I need is here, along with just the right dash of humour!