Daisy - Turn 2 Cores into a 5 Character Pickup & Play Set

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Daisy (2 Core, 5 Char, pick up and play - See Note) 38 26 5 1.0
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Daisy Walker - DEFAULT 0 0 0 1.0
Daisy the Book Nerd 0 0 0 1.0
Daisy -Basic start 1 1 0 1.0
Daisy (2) 0 0 0 1.0
Daisy “guilty” Walker 0 0 0 1.0
Daisy - 5 Character Core Pickup Set 1 0 1 1.0

StartWithTheName · 65371



This is one of five decks designed to create as close possible to a pick up and play version of the base game from 2 core sets. The intention is that with all 5 constructed, up to 4 players can simply select the character of their choice needing only to transfer the following 6 cards from whichever char is not in play to any deck missing them:

All other cards have been distributed among the five chars in such a way as to make legal decks which are functional, reasonably thematic, and each offer a different play style. Basically a rationalisation of the starter decks from the manual. Obviously this has required the odd compromise, so please do not expect these to be super strong decks or all choices to be perfectly thematic but ive done what I can.

The other decks can be found here:

These replace a previous set of decks based on the same concept that I wrote when the game was new and I had much less experience. The "playing as Daisy" section is written to be a short summary to present to new players should you need it.



Daisy's research skills make her the unparalled clue finder extraordinaire of the core set. Her base 5 is enough to investigate all but the highest shroud locations from the very start of the scenario. With her Old Book of Lore, and Research Librarian's to fetch it you can very quickly turn her ability into a solid stream of filtered draw to find ways to get even more from your investigations. Share your knowledge with Dr. Milan Christopher and he will provide you with A LOT of resources. Resources you can feed into your Arcane Studies to help you fend off the arcane, or Hyperawareness to help you escape a tight corner. If knowledge is power and money is power, this deck packs plenty of both.

  • Deck Complexity:.......Low

  • Clue Gathering:..........Excellent

  • Damage Dealing:........Poor

  • Evasion:.......................Moderate

  • Physical Defenses:.....Weak

  • Horror Defenses:.......Good

Muligan targets: 1x Old Book of Lore (or Research Librarian to fetch), 1x Dr. Milan Christopher.


Prioritise Old Book of Lore then Dr. Milan Christopher You can only have one ally in play at a time. Dr. Milan Christopher down is such a strong card that its tempting to put him down immediately, but unless you have Old Book of Lore in hand, this will stop you playing Research Librarian.

Manage your handslots carefully The 2 core, 5 character format means Daisy has ended up with a lot of handslots. Really these are best kept for tomes and while a Magnifying Glasses, or Flashlights seem useful, They're not actually all that important in Daisy due especially with the +1 you get from Dr. Milan Christopher taking you to a whopping 6 total.

You can often get away with ignoring The Necronomicon Its not actually all that bad. It blocks a hand slot, but you mainly just want Old Book of Lore, which even can help you find Daisy's Tote Bag. And it turns your into a . But this doesnt ruin your odds on passing that badly and you can just pay resources to Hyperawareness/Arcane Studies to boost higher on crucial tests if you like.




  • Cryptic Research (4) - Simply one of the best cards in the game. Speeds up your deck and helps you get to those key cards asap. Note that you are an investigator at your location.


  • Encyclopedia (2) - The other tome. Nice combo with the Skids build with its bonus action focus.
  • Blinding Light (2) - One of the few combat options available if Agnes still has all the spells.
  • Bulletproof Vest (3) - One of the few ways to compensate for that 5 health without needing to use the rather slow Medical Texts.
  • Disc of Itzamna (2) - Its not cheap, but a discard is similar to a kill. Note the only difference being that it wont go in the victory display if it had victory points on it.



  • 2x Barricade - Hard to use and enemies can still spawn on you
  • 2x Knife - You arnt exactly the best at using these...
  • 2x Flashlight - You have better options for boosting your investigating.
  • 1x Medical Texts - You dont really need 2 of these in the same way you do for Old Book of Lore which is important to see early.
  • 2x Scrying - Its not as good as other spells.
  • 2x Magnifying Glass - Believe it or not you probably dont need this with Dr. Milan Christopher and 5 base. And of course keeping those handslots free leaves more space for tomes! ...Still... cut it last just incase.



If no one took Roland, feel free to swap in the following:



If no one took Agnes, feel free to swap in some of the following:

Note that this set will give Daisy a bit of a caster offspec. She lacks the base to pull off the damage cards without Arcane Studies fueled by Dr. Milan Christopher money or Holy Rosary in play, so you will be using these late game and sparingly. You wont be a top end damage dealer, but it will get you out of a tight spot


Jul 07, 2019 captainequinox · 14

Just wanted to thank you for these! I finally got a second core and was going to introduce a couple friends to the game when I realized that with two cores it must be possible to construct better starting decks than those in the manual. And I crossed my fingers and hoped someone on the internet had already figured out how to do it. And you had! My friends had a great time burning down my house as we “won” the first scenario.

Thank you for your work on these!

Aug 12, 2019 StartWithTheName · 65371

cheers @captainequinox, Sorry i must have missed your comment when you posted it. Im always happy to hear when people use these decks and have a good time.

Jul 04, 2021 Dwarfstar · 1

Always great deck. Thank you