Mystic Survivor

Item. Charm.

Cost: 2.
Test Icons:

Fast. Play only during your turn.

Play Talisman of Protection under the control of any investigator at your location.

When you assign damage and/or horror that would defeat you, discard Talisman of Protection: Cancel up to 2 of that damage and/or horror.

Alex Aguilar
Edge of the Earth Investigator Expansion #116.
Talisman of Protection

Equip Calvin with this and Scavenging (0) + Schoffner's Catalogue and you are now unbeatable!

The fact that this is an Arcane slot and non-unique makes it possible to hold 2 at the same time. If you would lose one, you could easily recycle it before you lose the second. And no need to upgrade to Scavenging (2) for this because this card is Fast!

Schoffner's Catalogue finances it all so that you can make this cycle Dark Horse friendly, and what's best is that it is an Item so also comes back using Scavenging.

Backpack (2) will be your friend to then pull it out before you reach the amount of damages that would put you in the danger zone.

Now bring your Five of Pentacles + Moon Pendant and bring Mysterious Benefactress on a 9-9-9-9 statline journey without any fear of dying.

This card is also good in Lily Chen that wants to fill up her Arcane Slots to use her Dragon Pole and benefits from this being the only Fast Arcane Slot Filler available to her.

Valentin1331 · 53057
How are you gettin to 9/9/9/9? Two Pentacles make you an 8/8 so your stats can reach 7/7/7/7, +1 for Dark Horse is 8/8/8/8. — Death by Chocolate · 1351
Although this does ALL also synergize really well with Ice Pick (3). — Death by Chocolate · 1351
Dark Horse is not unique hehe - And yeah Ice Pick indeed works well, I created a deck like this with Fire Axe+Ice Pick and Winging it, I haven't tried it yet but it seems quite good! — Valentin1331 · 53057
Dark Horse has "Limit 1 per investigator". Still, nice combo. — Darth Sithius · 1

Great card for the upcoming Hank. Since he gets "defeated" and becomes resolute at 5 damage / horror, you could play this to easily extend his life mid-scenario. Also works with your fellow gators' damage/horror since that can also be assigned to Hank. The talisman then becomes useful again if he's getting close to a true defeat.

Bloodw4ke · 58