Cost: 1.
Test Icons:

Search the top 6 cards of your deck. You may place up to 3 of your clues on your location. For each clue placed in this way, choose and add 2 of the searched cards to your hand. Shuffle your deck.

"Don't you realize what this means?"
"Why don't you calm down and tell me very slowly?"
Stephen Somers
The Scarlet Keys Investigator Expansion #47.
Captivating Discovery
FAQs (taken from the official FAQ or FFG's responses to the official rules question form)
  • Q: How/can Mandy Thompson resolve her reaction ability to "resolve an additional target" when playing Captivating Discovery? Does Captivating Discovery inherently have any search targets? A: If Mandy Thompson plays Captivating Discovery, she’d either search the top 9 cards of her deck, or, for one clue she placed she could add 3 of the searched cards to her hand instead of 2. (For just one clue, not all three.)
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So first it's a new card that makes you search your deck and so that can trigger Astounding Revelation and Surprising Find (and Occult Evidence in a Mandy Thompson deck).
It's also a tutor among 6 cards at the cost of 1-2 clues. And technically a "pay 1 resource and place 3 clues on your location to draw 6 cards" event.

And finally I think it will be interesting in a Barricade deck (meaning a deck in which you investigate without moving from the location you played the Barricade in): you put on your location (where you an always investigate) clues that you got from other locations (which required to use cards such as In the Know or Seeking Answers) to draw cards to get the other "distant clues". With the side bonus of Astounding Revelation recharging In the Know.

AlexP · 243
And it powers Roland's gun! — MrGoldbee · 1386
Indeed. I haven't played him in a while so I forgot this possibility. — AlexP · 243
Draw cryptic writings to gain resources and get clues back fast with working a hunch — Django · 4846
Luke could combo it with Dream Gate to soft-lock a scenario! — Zinjanthropus · 222
How would it interact with Mandy ? You can go 9-cards deep but can you select one more target ??? — captainfire · 191
Mandy can't select a target ex nihilo because it doesn't let you draw a target baseline - it lets you drop a clue to draw targets instead. She resolves additional targets, not targets from nothing (So you can't draw off that one mystic card that searches and arranges like 6 cards). So mandy searches 9 and can drop up to 3 clues to draw 2 cards a clue, but can't search 6, draw 1 free. — Lailah · 1

This card is absolutely insane. For 1 action and 1 resource cost, you could search and selectively draw up to 6 cards. Dropping clues might sound like a heavy burden, but with 2 Research Notes in play, dropped clues potentially double back, so you actually benefits from dropping clues. However, I have only tried this combo on 4 player game and I assume that it doesn't work well on solos or 2 player games.

Horo · 35

Captivating Discovery is one of the fascinating card which is spoiled in scarlet keys. This provides the 6-cards searching effect, which helps to trigger the Astounding Revelation. In addition, this gives the 2/4/6-card drawing effect among 6-cards, which is powerful search/drawing ability. Someone might think that dropping the clues is expansive cost. Unlike other clue dropping cards such as Forewarned, however, the player can easily control the timming of the playing Captivating Discovery because the drawing effect is independent to the location. Thus, you could select the location to drop the clues. You may drop the clues at the location with low should value. You may drop the (unnecessary) clues at the location with non-victory location. It means that the cost of "dropping the clues" for Captivating Discovery is commonly lower than that for any other cards.

elkeinkrad · 458

I think this isnt too good (especially for regular use).

It costs 1, an action to play the card, the card itself and require you to drop a clue (approximately an action). For all that effort you get to look at 6 cards and draw 2. So 3 action and 1 resource to get 2 cards.

Even at it's best, for 4-5 actions worth of stuff and 1 resource you can draw 6. You're probably better off just drawing cards unless your deck need specific cards or can HEAVILY leverage the dropping clues.

fates · 47
You get to search the top 6 before placing any clues. You can elect to place 0 clues if you find junk. — fiatluxia · 63
Why do you have junk in your deck? That's the worst possible outcome, spend a card, 1 resource and an action to do nothing. — fates · 47