Carolyn Fern Sticks to the Plan

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Calprinicus · 1542


This deck is paired with Agnes Baker. Agnes deals with the monsters. Carolyn gets the clues.

Instead of going with Ancient Stone or Clarity of Mind I choose to focus on items that uses supplies. This way Emergency Cache can replenish Liquid Courage, First Aid, Painkillers, Smoking Pipe, and even Fingerprint Kit for additional clues.

You want to get Stick to the Plan early so you can rely on getting cards out fast with Ever Vigilant and keeping them supplied with Emergency Cache. Dynamite Blast is a nice if you know you will be fighting some tough monsters.

While Agnes fights monsters, I can heal her or use Alice Luxley to find clues and contribute to the damage. Mind over Matter is incase I get cornered.

I plan on boosting my as high as possible with Hawk-Eye Folding Camera, Magnifying Glass, St. Hubert's Key, Alice Luxley, and Death • XIII.


[6xp] Stick to the Plan

[1xp] Teamwork -> Ever Vigilant

[3xp] Emergency Cache -> Emergency Cache

[3xp] First Aid -> First Aid

[3xp] Emergency Cache -> Emergency Cache

[3xp] First Aid -> First Aid

[1xp] Magnifying Glass -> Death • XIII

[1xp] Fieldwork -> Pathfinder

[1 xp] Magnifying Glass -> Magnifying Glass

[1xp] Deduction -> Forewarned

[1xp] Deduction -> Forewarned

[2 xp] Dynamite Blast -> Dynamite Blast