Big Jim steps up to the plate

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Mozzik · 2

When building Jim, the first thing we want to establish are his splash cards.

Jim's 3 combat makes us want to find a weapon to make use of that high strength, and the obvious choice is Baseball Bat. 2 resources to let us reliably attack at 5 with +1 damage and no other limitations? Sign me up.

Of course, there's a chance the bat might break - so we'll also splash two Scavengings to let us recover any bats that might break.

Finally, we'll include a copy of Elli to help us find some of our key relics (And to also provide an extra hand since we'll be busy smacking ghouls around with our bat).

Prepared for the Worst was also a strong contender for this last slot to make sure we can find our bat more reliably, but ultimately Elli wins since we're going to need her "hand" slots.

For our spell slots we're going to get two Sixth Sense to give us a better chance of triggering Scavenging, and also to combo with Jim's skull play. Along those same lines we round out our spell and weapon load out with Wither, which can also set up some baseball bat play on odd health enemies.

We include Holy Rosary to power up the spells (And, again, more Scavenging triggers - which we're likely to be able to pull off on shroud 2-3 locations with nothing but sixth sense, a skull token and possibly a rosary.)

Since we're playing Jim and looking for skulls we also include Dark Prophecy, Premonition, Olive McBride, and The Chthonian Stone for Elli and to start spinning up our bag control..

We round out the events with some standard mystic goodies in Delve Too Deep, Ward of Protection, and Emergency Cache to help with economy.

Skills are a little light, since we expect to draw a lot of 0s, but include the ever flexible Guts, Overpower for key at bat situations, and Prophesy as the card you're going to want when its the bottom of the 9th and Jim needs to deliver a clutch play.

Finally, Arcane Research just barely makes the cut, given that we have at least five spells to upgrade (With an intermediate step on Ward of Protection), but could be left out if the mental trauma is seen as too high of a price.

There's an alternate build where we focus less on relics and lean harder into playing with doom and powering up the spells. In that case I'd switch out Moonlight Ritual Prepared for the Worst David Renfield

And drop out the Chthonian Stones, Elli, and an event of your choice (Possibly the Delves or Wards).

Possible upgrade options include:

  • Charisma (So we can have Elli and Olive next to each other, plus possibly Dayana Esperence for more Prophecy fun)
  • Blood Pact (More fun at the end of an inning)
  • Song of the Dead (Though this is less crucial than you might think given the other offensive options and our relatively low willpower boosting unless you've gone down the Renfield path)
  • Sacrifice (Possible economy boost, and more play with Scavenging.)
  • Four of Cups (More willpower)
  • Grotesque Statue (More skulls, more Elli, more Scavenging.)
  • Calling in Favors (Not strictly an upgrade, but helps if Elli misses or if you go into a Charisma and heavier ally build)
  • Protective Incantation (Pushing into a more bag control build, likely to replace Wither).

This is designed for solo play, or as a flex support.