Leo Anderson with friends like these

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askj · 7

This is a combat-focused deck designed to use as many weapons & allies as you can.


  • + 0xp deck
  • + Taboo compliant
  • + Allies
  • + Weapons
  • + several methods of recycling allies
  • + And more Allies!


  • - Horrible evade
  • - average investigator

Key Cards

Leo Anderson - "After your turn begins: Play an Ally asset, reducing its cost by 1".

Mitch Brown & Charisma - And use many allies.

Decorated Skull - And let your Allies die and go insane. Heroic Rescue can help that your allies die faster. Try to acquire and kill Brother Xavier as soon as you can.

Calling in Favors - Find & use the ally you need!

High Priority Upgrades

  1. Charisma

  2. Brother Xavier

  3. Agency Backup is very useful

If you want more evade

Dodge +2

Manual Dexterity +2

Sleight of Hand

Narrow Escape


Luxury Deck Upgrades

Allies: The Red-Gloved Man, Beat Cop, Cat Burglar, Hired Muscle, Venturer

Weapons: Flamethrower, M1918 BAR, Lightning Gun, Timeworn Brand

Assets: Stick to the Plan