William Yorick and Co, abusing Red gloved man

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LeFricC'estChic · 9

This build abuses the passive ability from William Yorick. Best used as the "warrior" of a multiplayer's group.

*(/!\ DISCLAIMER 45 Automatic (2) and Beat Cop (2) are here because I only have one core set. Ignore the xp spent. Second Leather Coat and Baseball Bat is a good choice too.                                                                                            Moreover, The Red-Gloved Man is the main power of the deck, you really should spent your 5 then 10xp on getting him. (Usually first scenarii will be won without, because of a strong ability to fight, with the deck helping).                                                               If you start your campaign, you can replace him by a skill, like Able Bodied, "Not without a fight!" or else. Inspiring Presence will mainly be good later, with Aquinnah (3) + Beat Cop (2) but from start, if you don't want to use it the best replacement is certainly Overpower, or maybe Manual Dexterity to escape Retaliates or big ennemies more easily.)

First of all, some firearm (.45 Automatic) to recycle (understand reload). Knife to discard (equal an event 1 +2atq, +1 dmg). Baseball Bat to use recurrently if you kill an ennemy with a skull token, you can put it right back ! Gravedigger's Shovel for cheap efficient weapon and automatic clues when needed or if you have more efficient weapon to equip (bat or .45) . Cherished Keepsake and Leather Coatfor "infinte" life and sanity. Backpack for draw, and again, and again etc., only problem is, you can't discard cards for skill test under backpack. Act of Desperation can be use ideally on empty .45 Automatic, anyway you can discard it with any other hand slot item. As a matter of fact I'm not so sure it is good in this deck, but if there's an investigator that can use this cards, it is definetly William ! (EDIT: in my later version, I put 2 On the Hunt instead of Act of Desperation for consistency).

Emergency Cache for resources. You dont want to lack those, plus you can get the card on Backpack.

Second package is how to draw The Red-Gloved Man, benefit your ally slot, and redraw The Red-Gloved Man. If you haven't drawn the Red gloved , you can use Calling in Favors to tutor him, when you have an ally. A Chance Encounter is useful to redraw the Red-gloved man and play it in one action, you still got it for 2 actions, but sadly not during the mythos phase. Useful to get some clues, for an exemple. Same idea with Calling in Favors, you can put in play a Beat Cop to discard, and get back RGMâ„¢ in hand.

If you don't want to use Peter Sylvestre, or lack ressources in your games (Indebted or Paranoia can be brutal), Madame Labranche is a great replacement.

So how to play the deck ? Easily, don't be afraid to throw your assets for test symbols, an asset in you discard pile doesn't cost an action to equip (if you kill an enemy). Asap, get your RGM back from you discard pile each time it is possible. Be sure to keep your resources filled to equip and reequip assets. Any way, you got some cheap cards to "revive": Knives for cheap dmg and Coat and Keepsake for survavibility. With those 3, you should never be killing an ennemy without using William's ability. Remember to use Leather coat and Keepsake for symbols at start, better test value and free from action bonus health and sanity !

I like to keep Bury Them Deep for Graveyard Ghouls but it can be used on annoying non-Elite ennemies as well, anyway, I never spit on a free xp card ! The weakness is not so crippling imo, because you will be prepared for battle. Though, it will be a priority kill, especially in this deck.

Last but not least, later on the campaign you can upgrade your deck with Charisma for multipe allies and the famoso combo Aquinnah (3), Beat Cop (3) and Inspiring Presence. With those 3, you can deal free from test dmg, at any phase. Which allows you to put in play The RGM before your first action. Priceless !

Experience Priority:

The Red-Gloved Man(5) x2

Charisma (3)

Beat Cop (2) instead of Beat Cop (0)

Aquinnah (3) instead of Peter Sylvestre (0)

2nd Charisma (3) for 3 allies at once

Key of Ys (5) instead of On the Hunt or Cherished Keepsake(same slot, but you could still take Relic Hunter to keep both) , get some sweet skill points, Save your not-so-in-danger sanity, and keep flowing your discard pile. If your weakness(es) are in the 10 last cards, you can even discard it (with a Keepsake or by taking horrors) to reshuffle your deck.

True Survivor for getting back 2 Ressourceful/inspiring Presence, probably not optimal but useful on the long run (can get 2 more Red-gloves ;) ! ) instead of what you don't find that useful.

If you think you have too much ressources in games, or just too many xp, Scrapper(3) is always good.