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Calprinicus · 669


This build is focused on a high number of cards in your hand to power Higher Education, Dream Diary and Extensive Research.


  • Able to collect multiple clues from investigate skill tests.
  • Easily beats high skill tests.
  • Lots of icons.
  • Low resources required.


  • You don't deal with monsters. You run, if you can.
  • You don't have much damage or sanity soak or healing.


Drawing Cards

This deck requires a hand of 5 for Higher Education, a hand of 8 for Dream Diary bonus, and a hand size of 10 can fetch 2 free clues with Extensive Research.

You fill your hand with A Glimmer of Hope, Laboratory Assistant, Preposterous Sketches, and Blood-Rite. You can use A Glimmer of Hope and Analytical Mind to easy rack up some cards.

Higher Education

This isn't going to be news to many, but Higher Education is insane and worth the 8xp. It allows you to succeed in skill tests without committing cards, for 1 resource for a +2 bonus, and it's a permanent so you don't have to draw into it or pay a cost.

Crack the Case allows you to refill your resources after you complete a high shroud location.

Holding Cards

Don't play cards unless you have to. The biggest issue with a large hand size is your inclination to play your cards. Hold onto Segment of Onyx until you have can play all 3. If you know you will draw over your hand limit, the only time window to play fast cards is at the start of the upkeep phase.



Essence of the Dream and A Glimmer of Hope are reusable icons. Unexpected Courage and Inquiring Mind are one time cards, but are still great.

Dream Diary

Dream Diary is absolutely a must-have! Essence of the Dream offers a +5 () for any skill test, EACH TURN. This makes The King in Yellow incredibly easy to pass.


Collecting Clues Deduction, Sharp Vision, and Extensive Research allow you to find multiple clues. These are great for those high shroud locations.

Dropping Clues If you find yourself without a clue on your location for Preposterous Sketches or Inquiring Mind you can use Forewarned.


You don't have many defenses. Your best bet is to run! Manual Dexterity helps you evade. Pendant of the Queen allows you to teleport past enemies or evade ELITE enemies. Blood-Rite and 2 resources can remove small threats.


3xp - Dream Diary -> Dream Diary

1xp - Dream Diary -> Segment of Onyx

0xp - Knowledge is Power -> Segment of Onyx

0xp - Knowledge is Power -> Segment of Onyx

8xp - Higher Education

2xp - Preposterous Sketches -> Preposterous Sketches

2xp - Preposterous Sketches -> Preposterous Sketches

1xp - Working a Hunch -> Extensive Research

1xp - Working a Hunch -> Extensive Research

2xp - Deduction -> Deduction

2xp - Deduction -> Deduction

1xp - Perception -> Sharp Vision

1xp - Perception -> Sharp Vision

1xp - Lucky! -> Forewarned

1xp - Lucky! -> Forewarned


Unfortunately, this deck doesn't translate well to standalone adventures. Since Higher Education takes all the XP and you don't have a campaign log for Dream Diary. The focus on Standalone is to just collect as many clues as possible.

8xp - Higher Education

1xp - 3x Segment of Onyx


Feb 10, 2020 krish · 5

Feb 10, 2020 Calprinicus · 669

I try to keep by builds around 25xp, which is average. If you have extra xp, studious is great!

Feb 14, 2020 gibby290 · 1

How does A Glimmer of Hope work? How does it get into your discard pile to play?

Feb 14, 2020 Calprinicus · 669

@gibby290 while it's in your hand, you can't play the event, but you can commit it to skills for . This puts it in your discard pile. While it's in your discard pile, you can play the event (spend an action and 1 resource) which returns all A Glimmer of Hope cards in your discard pile back to your hand.

Feb 14, 2020 gibby290 · 1

@CalprinicusThank you