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AceRowings · 603

He's fallen on hard times, sure. But the market's going to turn around any day now.

The Gimmick:

The point of this deck is to use Pete's ability in order to get a much faster return on your Investments than any other investigator can manage. Then, from the mid-game onwards, you turn the resources into massive Skill Test boosts thanks to Well Connected, which then becomes the target of your discard shenanigans. The deck runs cheap, which helps the whole engine work. In testing, I've regularly reached a cushion of 20/25 resources, for two +4/+5 tests a turn.

Even better, if you use Pete’s ability to ready Well Connected during a Skill Test, you can apply the effect twice for a single test, turning a 10 resource cushion into a +4 boost, for instance.

The card wants to throw something into the discard every turn, so A Glimmer of Hope, Improvised Weapon, and Winging It are there to take the sting out of the sacrifice. The former can be brought back to your hand, and the latter two played out the discard pile. I've also been testing this deck in Dream Eaters B, where a number of 1-Fight swarming enemies make Improvised Weapon surprisingly effective. When you're tossing so many cards, Last Chance will often retain most or all of its icons when it comes time to commit it.

One note - the fifth OOF slot is flexible. I've been using Lone Wolf in solo play, which obviously synergises with the rest of the deck. But Mr. "Rook" would obviously help put the pieces together.

Why not Renfield?

Decks have been using the Esteemed Eschatologist in conjunction with Pete's ability for some time, but Investments doesn't require you to play around doom, and keeps the ally slot free for higher-level in-class cards.

(Investments also offers a fun thematic combination and wrings some use from an unpopular card!)

Party Role

This is still a classic Pete flex deck, at heart. Pete's great at hitting the ground running thanks to Duke, but he can lose the ability to keep up as scenarios continue. The Investments-Well Connected combo will let you pass tougher tests as you reach the endgame. And with a bit of XP, it'll help fuel some action compression too...

Priority Upgrades

2 x Rabbit's Foot Drawing Thin

2 x A Glimmer of Hope Nothing Left to Lose

This deck is hungry for cards, and these will help you draw them.

1 x A Glimmer of Hope Expeditious Retreat

2 x Overpower Brute Force

2 x Perception Sharp Vision

Action compression! And thanks to your Well-Connected boosted tests, you can regularly pass those +2 thresholds.


Jul 05, 2020 LaRoix · 1479

Cool deck! I love the theme, especially given that Ashcan is homeless. I was a little curious to see the inclusion of Labranche, is she just to get cards? Also, what do you think about having Fortuitous Discovery in here? I know it's not known to be a particularly good card (or handful of cards I should say since they definitely aren't useful unless you bring all 3 of them), but it definitely gains more power once you've got them in your discard, which in this deck seems like it happens quite easily.

Jul 05, 2020 AceRowings · 603

Cheers! Labranch is in there because in early testing I found myself emptying my hand a little too easily. She’s not a lynchpin though. You could swap her for Peter Sylvestre for instance. Or the level 0 version of Granny Orne when we get it.

I think swapping Glimpse for Fortuitous Discovery could work in a larger group where you can specialise a little more in cluevering. But in solo I’ve appreciated the flexibility of the icons on Glimpse.

Jul 05, 2020 AceRowings · 603

Glimmer, not Glimpse!

Jul 05, 2020 unremb · 194

Hmmm... how do you reliably investigate/fight with Improvised Weapon and Winging It with "Ashcan" Pete's skill of 2?

Jul 05, 2020 LaRoix · 1479

I see, I see. I imagine you use Live and Learn to effectively use Improvised Weapon and Winging It, right? Even so though, you'd probably want at least a little bit of a boost. I'm figuring that's where all those wild icons come into play. Meat Cleaver seems like it'd do the job just fine, but I imagine trying to fish it up from the deck might be the trouble there.

Jul 05, 2020 AceRowings · 603

@unremb I find the neutral skills coupled either Glimmer or a Well Connected +1 can help me pass those tests in the early game. And once you’ve cracked you Investments, Well Connected alone can do it.

I tend to save Winging It until Well Connected is giving me at least +2. Improvised Weapon is more delicate, timing-wise. In the early game, I use to finish off weaker enemies so I can use Pete’s ability to ready Investments, rather than Duke.

Jul 06, 2020 Krysmopompas · 186

fun deck, thanks for the share!

Jul 06, 2020 TiguiDaisy · 13

I love this idea! Did you think of adding Scavenging? I feel like you could repeatedly discard an item that you don't really care about to un-exhaust well connected and investigate succeed by two ore more and bring it back to hand so you can do it again next turn for example. Let me know what you think.

Jul 06, 2020 AceRowings · 603

That's a great idea. @TiguiDaisy. Only catch is that the deck runs a little light on items in its current form. You'd probably want to hang onto Rabbit's Foot or upgrade it as you start earning xp.

Jul 06, 2020 fran · 1

Isn't Lone Wolf strictly better (at least in solo) than Investments? Do Brute Force/Sharp Vision combo well with Duke? Great idea btw

Jul 06, 2020 AceRowings · 603

@franHonestly... in solo Lone Wolf probably is the more reliable card... though Investments still has the potential to get Well Connected up and running faster if you hard mulligan for it. It’s in multiplayer where this deck really gives Investments a chance to outperform its sibling.

Brute Force and Sharp Vision don’t play well with Duke, but they play very well with Well Connected. The endgame of this deck is that after your first Duke action of the turn, during which you exhausted Well Connected, you then ready Well Connected, not Duke, and then use the Sharp Vision/Brute Force to take Pete’s base stats to 5, and then adding another +3/4 with Well-Connected, for reliable action compression.

Jul 13, 2020 Mack1993 · 1

This deck is fantastic! I feel so powerful and like I can do anything! Any suggestions on what to spend XP on after the cards you suggested?

Jul 13, 2020 AceRowings · 603

Hey @Mack1993, I think the beauty of Well Connected is that you can do anything once it’s running. If you’re not having card draw problems I’d suggest swapping Madame Labranche for a higher level ally. That’s why we’re not running Renfield, after all. Peter Sylvestre is always good. But if you’re doing a lot of fighting then Jessica Hyde’s not bad either. When we get Stella’s deck, Granny Orne might be a good fit, too.

I’d probably swap Live and Learn for Lucky! or Eucatastrophe. The former gives that bit of extra card draw, the latter is insurance against the autofail.

After that, I agree, it’s tricky. Well Connected is giving you all the boost you need, so really you’re just looking for action compression, and there isn’t a ton of that right now. As we get more high level Survivor weapons, they might be a good fit.

Jul 13, 2020 AceRowings · 603

@Mack1993, it occurs to me Timeworn Brand might be a good fit. I’m not the biggest fan of high-level neutral cards from a flavour perspective. But it will definitely work.

Jul 13, 2020 Mack1993 · 1

@AceRowingsThank you so much for the suggestions! I will try them out!

Jul 15, 2020 Blurbwhore · 1

@AceRowings The level 2 .18 Derringer looks like a fun combo weapon with Live and Learn, to get the ammo back and then exhaust Well Connected for the second test. Not sure how well it will work in practice though.

Aug 21, 2020 SuMing · 1

How u guys take 2 well connected in ur deck????

Aug 21, 2020 AceRowings · 603

@SuMingThe limit applies to copies in play, not your deck.

Oct 05, 2020 TWWaterfalls · 756

This is awesome. Love the ideas that everyone comes up with.

Nov 25, 2020 VanyelAshke · 148

I need some piloting tips, either for Ashcan in general and/or for this deck. I played this deck in Return to Dunwich Legacy, on Standard. I stopped playing after the WORST Miskatonic Museum experience I ever had. Duke could barely discover a clue because I kept pulling -3 or -4 tokens. When the Hunting Horror appeared, Duke's fight of 4 is not good enough. It takes multiple rounds (5-8) to get Well Connected to give you a minimum +2 bonus, presuming you draw your Investments in your opening few turns. After a few rounds, the skills in your hand are used up and you've go no stat boosting effect.

Even on Standard, a 4 investigate and a 4 fight is not good enough to get the core tasks of a scenario completed. The first 2 Dunwich scenarios went mostly well, and that's because he mostly drew 0 and -1 tokens.

If you had success with the deck, then I need some piloting tips.
My usual decks are kinda straight-forward strategies: play permanent boosts to get key stat(s) at 6, and then use cards that provide action compression and more boost. Ex: Beat Cop + Ace of Swords + .45 Automatic = fighting at 7-8 test value.

Feb 08, 2021 suika · 7725

Piloting tips for Pete decks in general, and this specifically: commit to tests. Throw 2x Glimmer to investigate a 4 shroud location at +2, or a Perception. An Overpower to fight at +2 against a 4 fight enemy. Or test at base skill with Live and Learn in hand, fail, and just try again. Do this until your Well Connected comes online at +2 or +3, which will take 6-7 turns on average.

This deck in particular is bad in tempo compared to standard Pete decks, and can be high variance. It needs combo pieces in place to function and needs to ready Investments instead of Duke. Early Rabbit's Foot/Labranche and Investments/Lone Wolf is a must, and you can't draw Well Connected too late either.

Priority upgrades is probably 2x Drawing Thin, but instead of replacing LRF I would drop the Improvised Weapons. Slotting in a Track Shoes is great as well. Most Drawing Thin builds can't spend the money they generate, this particular build won't have that problem.

I would not upgrade to Expeditious Retreat, Sharp Vision, or Brute Force, since the lack of Overpower/Perception would worsen your early tempo problem. In multiplayer, teching into support (Alter Fate, a Test of Will) would probably be better. Other new cards that are good in general are Orne (3) and Relentless...or if you're willing to wait a bit, Jacob Morrison from Into the Maelstrom.