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Valentin1331 · 1077

Do it all William, Expert campaign breaker for True Solo

This is a deck for William that can be used both in True Solo and Multiplayer, that can make it through Expert while considering the latest Taboo List.

This deck succeeded in finding the 6 cultists in Expert pairing with this deck of Minh.

I am restricted by the fact that I cannot find Carcosa Mythos Packs after Echoes of the Past and no Dream Eaters either in the Netherlands.


The Enchanted Blade that William found on a witch corpse is his best friend. It gives you a reliable +2 and +1 Damage and can be used effectively with AoD and brought back full of charges immediately at no cost if used to kill.

Guard Dog that will be replaced right after the first scenario by Beat Cop (2) supported later on by Aquinnah (3) will help you to finish off low health enemies. As a recall: Aquinnah (3) can inflict the damage of an enemy to itself.

Good to know that end-game you can use Eucatastrophe to succeed in a killing blow and get it back immediately with William's

Finally, Vicious Blow gives you the little boost you were looking for to kill that 3hp enemy in one turn without beating the beat.


The idea here is to cheat the token bag.

The Flashlight allows you to free investigate 2 shrouds locations, 4 shrouds locations are done with "Look what I found!" and up to 6 shrouds by adding Lucky!. Scene of the Crime is also a good test-free clue gatherer, knowing that William will be dealing with enemies. You can also late-game use your Eucatastrophe to empty higher shroud locations while recurring resourceful to get it back or bring back your "Look what I found!" for more efficient clue gathering. Finally, Evidence! is also useful but the lowest rate of clue/card so it is replaced early on.

Encounter Deck Management:

Steadfast gives you a good boost for early game, and a decent one later on, if you use your soaks correctly. Take the Initiative is the best anti-treachery card, also useful for tests and Lucky! can always help on tricky situations.

Damage / horror:

Cherished Keepsake is a soak that is automatically put into play after killing an enemy... What could you ask more? More Soak, you greedy? Aquinnah (3) can take a good amount if necessary, especially as Kerosene will be here later on to use her infinite. Yes, Kerosene is an item so William recurs it, how great?!

Money making:

Take Heart can be played on treacheries you're sure to lose and don't want to invest in. AoD pays you back the money to recur your Enchanted Blade so you save a good amount here. Later on, Ever Vigilant is a great ally to Backpack as it allows you to play the assets store on it in one go and for cheap!


No Prepared for the Worst?? Well... Backpack has the advantage of being an item, so if you miss... you reuse it right after killing rats or a lost Acolyte and you get a second chance!


Basically mulligan hard for 2 things: Backpack and/or Enchanted Blade, right after this comes Flashlight, Cherished Keepsake and Guard Dog/Beat Cop (2).


Here is the link to the fully updated version of that boy.

Guard Dog x2 Beat Cop (2) x2 - 4xp, total 4xp

Charisma - 3 xp, total 7xp

Steadfast x2 Aquinnah (3) - 6xp, total 13xp

Evidence! x2 Ever Vigilant x1 + Kerosene x1 - 2xp, total 15xp

Cherished Keepsake x1 Police Badge x1 - 2xp, total 17xp

Relic Hunter - 3xp, total 20xp

Lucky! or Scene of the Crime x2 Eucatastrophe x2 - 6xp, total 26xp

Vicious Blowx2 Vicious Blow x2 - 4xp, total 30xp

With more Mythos/Investigator packs, you can replace Guard Dog at the start with Grete Wagner and keep her instead of Aquinnah (3) for more consistent clue gathering.

This also comes in pair with First Aid to help your allies to soak on more and do their job longer before having to pay for them again.

Calling in Favors is also great as it brings you back your Allies to replace them with brand new shiny soaks.

Relentless is also an amazing money maker for the extra damage that Aquinnah can place.

Replacing Flashlight by Old Keyring, better but less interesting for AoD.

Key of Ys also always interesting...


Feb 17, 2021 Lovetann · 2

For what it's worth, Lucky won't guarantee you get to 6 shroud locations, because even though your modified test result (what Look What I Found cares about) can't go below zero, Lucky affects the result before this is factored in, so if you're at -2 before Lucky, then you're at 0 afterwards.

Feb 18, 2021 isuscbrmid · 19

I think the idea is to move closer to the -2 diff to trigger look what I found, if youre in 0 and add plus 2 you can achieve the trigger for what I look what I found in those with shroud 4 (6- 2(flashlight). But I need to check If lucky is added after all the modifier move it to 0 (-2 is 0) and then I apply lucky to bump it. Or is it done before? (-2 +2 lucky) still 0

Feb 19, 2021 Valentin1331 · 1077

True, after checking it indeed doesn't work with Lucky but it does with Eucatastrophe, which confirms the comment on it: it is a bit like Lucky on steroids. Knowing that as far as your finance can bring you, with William, Eucatastrophe can be played infinitely with his .

Feb 19, 2021 Krispe157 · 1

Hey just so you know we can't view the Minh deck you linked. Great deck! I was able to solo the Core campaign, about to try the Return to one!

Feb 19, 2021 Valentin1331 · 1077

Thanks, corrected ;)

Feb 20, 2021 amosmj · 1

I gave this deck a go on Night of the Zealot revisited. I'm going to try it again in the future but I wasn't blown away by it. There aren't enough backpackable items to make it the absolute lock that I think the deck wants it to be, played two backpacks to get anything in the second one. Enchanted Blade is a solid main weapon but only have two means of dealing more than one damage in a solo run is inadequate.

I didn't have a Lucky! until the second half of my run so being down on willpower sucked and in a scenario that eats cards when you fail, I saw a lot of good pieces go by the wayside.

The clueing was top notch. When I wasn't spending a turn to get an enemy off of me, I was able to grab clues freely.

I will try this deck again but I don't think it's ready for Expert Solo, it's more of your standard Survivor, scraping by kind of deck It would make a fine third or fourth player deck though.

Feb 21, 2021 suika · 7650

Seems a bit lacking resource generation with only Take Heart as economy while packing expensive assets and events. Those backpacks ain't cheap.

Feb 22, 2021 febulous · 1

Am I missing something about the kerosene? How will this be infinite? How would this ever be discarded? As far as I know the card will remain even without any charges on it. Or has this rule been updated?

Feb 22, 2021 Valentin1331 · 1077

Re-read the card carefully ;) Another option though is to have Call in favors to soak with your Aquinah and bring her back when she's too hurt.

Feb 25, 2021 flooze · 1

I can't access the "fully upgraded boy"

Feb 25, 2021 Valentin1331 · 1077

It should be available now ;)

Mar 05, 2021 1337duck · 1

"Do it all William, Expert campaign breaker for True Solo".

Tag: Multiplayer.


Mar 06, 2021 Valentin1331 · 1077

Yeah I somehow can't change the tag... But this deck can be used both Solo and Multiplayer. I prefer personally to have 2 all-rounder decks rather than 2 specialized decks and be screwed when you're apart from one another. But that's everyone's own preference I guess :)