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Valentin1331 · 221

Do it all Minh, Expert campaign breaker for True Solo

This is a deck for Minh that can be used both in True Solo and Multiplayer, that can make it through Expert. Minh is normally known as a support but this deck turns out to be extremely versatile.

This deck succeeded in finding the 6 cultists in Expert pairing with this deck of William.

To consider the latest Taboo List, replace Drawing Thin with an extra Fire Axe.

I am restricted by the fact that I cannot find Carcosa Mythos Packs after Echoes of the Past and no Dream Eaters either in the Netherlands.


While fighting is not 's fav, Minh here does a good job: Using Milan money to fuel the Fire Axe, "I've got a plan!" when having a good amount of clues, and Mind over Matter to evade.

Later on, Strange Solution replaces "I've got a plan!" and Ancient Stone replaces Fire Axe, paired with Cryptic Research for reliable damage dealing.

Good to know that as a seeker, Minh can Scavenge the Stone really efficiently to reset the secrets.


Now we speak. Minh Thi Phan is not the best vacluem cleaner, but she does good enough with Magnifying Glass + Dr. Milan Christopher for a solid passive 6.

Deduction and Winging It fasten the pace.

Encounter Deck Management:

Mind over Matter, Unexpected Courage, Guts early game, Higher Education later are usually enough for a good treachery protection.

Skill tests:

Your as well as Grisly Totem helps you to fight your The King in Yellow with 2 double icons and one random card that can even be another icon, making it much easier to pull through. Upgraded, the Grisly Totem also gives nice drawings to potential teammates while boosting their skill checks too.

Money making:

As all s, Milan does what he's supposed to, paired with Drawing Thin for small shrouds.


No need, you'll be basically drawing your whole deck quite fast.


Basically mulligan hard for 3 things: Grisly Totem, Analytical Mind, Dr. Milan Christopher. Later on, try maybe to have one damage card, but not necessary as the 3 upper give you huge draw and money.


Here is the link to the fully updated version of that boy.

Grisly Totem x1 Grisly Totem x1 - 3xp, total 3xp

Higher Education - 3 xp, total 6xp

Hopefully, by now, you've identified the solution, so:

Strange Solution x1 Pathfinder x1 - 1xp, total 7xp

"I've got a plan!" Strange Solution - 8xp, total 15xp

Fire Axe x1 Ancient Stone x1 - 1xp, total 16xp

Ancient Stone x1 Ancient Stone x1 - 3xp, total 19xp

Overpower x2 Cryptic Research x2 - 8xp, total 27xp

While looking at the Taboo List for upgrades, we can skip Pathfinder and skip Drawing Thin to keep 2 Overpower to reach 29xp, which is a nice complete campaign.


Feb 25, 2021 flooze · 1

I can't access the "fully updated version of that boy" Nevertheless, i would expect to see an updated girl ;-)

Feb 25, 2021 Valentin1331 · 221

I just published the 30xp versions, you should be able to find them now :)

Feb 27, 2021 Blurbwhore · 1

If you want two Acidic Ichors in your upgraded deck you need two level zero Strange Solutions. You also have to have the level 0 version in your deck at the point when you upgrade out of them. The card text says "you can only include this card in your deck by upgrading from [level 0]".

Feb 28, 2021 Valentin1331 · 221

That's a good one, actually playing this game proved that there's not enough of one copy anyways to have a chance to upgrade it in Expert where every single action is key. To respect the taboo, better replace Drawing Thin with another Copy of Strange Solutions.