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DrMChristopher · 20

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I haven't tested this deck yet (4/18/21 @ 12:30AM)

I tested this deck against The Midnight Masks standalone (6XP) and got three cultists (4/18/21 @ 12:14PM). Three isn't terrible, but I could have gotten four if my Strange Solution had been identified (maybe even five because I spent a lot of time evading The Masked Hunter). Between A Glimmer of Hope and Essence of the Dream, (along with Minh's Ability and Grisly Totem) I never failed a skill test, and I chewed through The King in Yellow with ease.

This deck eschews "traditional" (i.e. what I consider "must-include") Seeker cards for a heavy investment in "Search" (along with the "free draw" Research cards) and Wild Icons.

With this deck I want to flood my hand with Wild Icons (which both the Grisly Totem and Minh Thi Phan's reaction ability amplify) so that A) all tests are easier and B) I can more easily overcome The King in Yellow when it pops up since I'll need 6 of the same icon to do so.

So upgrading Dream Diary (Untranslated) to Dream Diary (Dreams of a Madman) are key (both for Essence of the Dream and as a combat helper) as is adding Fey (I don't care about the curse token, only the Wild Icons), which will probably replace Lucky!. Adding Surprising Find in place of both Deduction and one Dream Diary (because with all the search I feel one diary should be enough) is a priority as well for the Wild Icons and "free draw Research cards" when I'm searching my deck.

Strange Solution (Unidentified) needs to be upgraded as well to Strange Solution (Acidic Ichor), but after it's identified and until I have the XP for them they'll still be there for their Wild Icons. .18 Derringer will have to do for combat until I can get them upgraded.

One Old Book of Lore will be upgraded to the "Big Dog" Necronomicon, and I'll leave the other as is. I had thought about Pnakotic Manuscripts too, but the combination of XP and Resource cost seems a little too steep (IMO).

I'd love to upgrade No Stone Unturned(0) to No Stone Unturned(5) but I'm not sure I'll have the XP for it as it's a lower priority.

If I have enough XP after the other priorities I'll upgrade to Grisly Totem and the better .18 Derringers.


Apr 18, 2021 SessionZero · 1

Looks interesting, but I'd say you're at a real combat disadvantage until you get the solution identified. As least as far as damage output. It looks like you don't have problem passing tests. Did you cycle through your deck?