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Monotone · 267

This deck answers the question "What does it look like if you build a deck where every card depicts jewellery?" (Hats off to fellow Drawn to the Flame patron Dai for some assistance with finding such cards, as it turns out that the digital versions of the card don't always show the jewellery for resolution reasons!) This is the follow-up to my decks A Game of Hat and Mauser and Just Another Brick in the Wall.

  • Sefina Rousseau and The Painted World: Sefina has a lovely necklace on but also a fabulous hairband which she accessorises with different flowers depending on the card. She's very definitely the investigator with the best accessories (both in terms of card art and the assets she can take!).


  • .41 Derringer: We don't know much about this person. They wear red nail varnish? Perhaps that signifies passion. But most importantly, they have a ring, and that gets them in the deck!
  • Knuckleduster: What's a knuckleduster other than four rings welded together? (If you know please do comment, as clearly I don't.)
  • Ace in the Hole: Great ring, great card, in it goes.
  • Relic Hunter: This is in a way my secret shame as I had to stare at it for a long time before deciding I could include it. I wanted to include it for the theme, but does it have jewellery on it? After consideration, I think the hand statue has a ring on it.


  • Lola Santiago: There are a couple of other allies that have jewellery – Tristan Botley and Joey "the Rat" Vigil – but Charisma doesn't depict any, so only Lola makes the cut!
  • Drawn to the Flame: Things I didn't know before I made this deck is that all the cards with earrings on are to do with clues. COINCIDENCE? Or are earrings a key part of deciphering the mythos?


  • Ward of Protection: I'm not going to lie, I was super glad when I saw this had jewellery on it. The bangles are very elegant and used to reinforce the dynamics of the scene – lovely stuff.


  • Scrying Mirror: The release of Jacqueline Fine is doing a lot of work in this deck, as it lets me poach a bunch of cards with her excellent pearls on them. But they really are quite excellent, so that's fine.
  • Crystal Pendulum: It's a pendulum, it's got a crystal on it, in it goes!
  • Holy Rosary: It's surprising how few of the items that take up accessory slots are actually what I'd think of as necklaces, but this one is one of them, I reckon.
  • Backstab: Although the knife is arguably the central piece of the accessories depicted, the necklace still does its bit for the ensemble here.
  • Breaking and Entering: This lovely, carefully-picked necklace is the perfect counterpoint to the slap-dash vase that the lady is using as her weapon of choice.
  • Coup de Grâce: Although these are pearls, I'm fairly sure this isn't Jacqueline… I really like the dynamism of this art and the way the artist uses the necklace to suggest so much about the events that lead up to the scene depicted.
  • Deny Existence: Lovely, spiky, quite impressionistic.
  • Hot Streak: I'm really running out of interesting things to say about pearl necklaces now.
  • Spectral Razor: This is a lovely necklace, and the spikiness of the necklace juxtaposes the sharpness of the card (maybe).
  • Think on Your Feet: I've only just realised, but is this the same lady as on Coup de Grâce? Similar necklaces, if not!

More esoteric jewellery

  • The Gold Pocket Watch: It was this or the "Lucky" Penny, but given this deck has hardly any bless/curse interactions, I thought this was wiser. And besides, Sef would rock a pocket watch.
  • Pilfer: Pilfer has it all! A hat which is also jewellery – who would've thunk? The tiara here is gorgeous and it's no wonder that our hero is nicking it.


You'll need four random basic weaknesses for this deck. Unfortunately I don't think there are enough basic weaknesses that depict jewellery for that to work – Amnesia depicts a wedding band, throwing up the horrifying possibility that the subject of the art isn't going to recognise his spouse (bleak!) and Dark Pact has a bangle, but I won't blame you if you just pick four actually random weaknesses. (If you insist on being on theme – and well done on having integrity – Stubborn Detective has some handcuffs, I guess.)


Jun 01, 2021 LivefromBenefitSt · 688

Putting Knuckleduster in Sefina is definitely committing to a theme. Well played!

Also, There is some kind of necklace on the Relic Hunter's desk, and he's holding... a watch? So, fits the theme.

Jun 01, 2021 MrGoldbee · 1061

Wrong Breaking and Entering. You cite the mythos one!

Jun 01, 2021 Monotone · 267

Thanks, fixed!