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The following has been transcribed from a journal belonging to Dr. C. Fern, M.D., Miskatonic's leading expert on hypnosis and dream analysis. It has to be taken as both a guide and a warning, as Dr. Fern's techniques and the jargon she uses to explain them can only be described as peculiar.

The following material is strictly confidential. Do NOT, under any circumstance, show this transcript to professor Withers: we've had enough of his antics for the time being.


Dr. H. Walters

Carolyn Fern, Brainwasher

Session 1 - Procedure Presentation

What I am about to show you may shock you, horrify you or even disgust you. The only thing I know is that's the right thing to do, the only right approach, and that it works. Oh, does it work. It works phenomenally, and here's why.

When I first faced the forces of the unknown I focused on the ill effects they had on normal people like myself, experiencing them first handedly and trying to ease the horror imposed by them. But I always thought that was simply not enough: why was I focusing on our psyche, when I could have been studying these creature's own way of thinking? If I could understand their ways I could very well use them for my personal gain, making the unknown a little more easy to understand.

Well, that's exactly what I did. And more.

I packed the usual treatment materials, my own Clarity of Mind and Logical Reasoning as my first and foremost ally, some First Aid and Liquid Courage for good measure and some support from a strange heirloom I found in the faculty's archives, an Hallowed Mirror. Being Fearless myself, my own Inspiring Presence was all I needed to help my assistants' mind in the task at hand. I brought some economic for when I would need to be Burning the Midnight Oil and for helping others, as we would need to Stand Together. Some arcane teachings I learnt while studying hypnosis would definetely protect us, such as Ward of Protection, Deny Existence and Promise of Power. With that I was set, I put some Painkillers in my handbag in case I needed them and I got ready to put my knew knowledge to good use.

Session 2 - The Most Powerful Word

During my studies I gained the experience needed to utter a Power Word the creatures appeared to understand. This initial knowledge took a toll on my mind (I was so In the Thick of It I almost didn't realize the damage it caused on my psyche), but that's the price to pay for true power.

After uttering the word, monsters of all shapes and form would cower in fear and flee in the direction I wanted them to. I could also take away the command if I felt I had enough of my new protege, but the most exciting discovery I made was the mercy these creatures can show, if so asked: I could have their very horrifying being work as a cure for my allies' aliments, both mental and physical. In short: I learnt how to use what hurts us to heal us.

But what more could there be? What secrets lie beyond these commands, these powerful word that break the boundaries of comprehension?

Session 3 - Getting Experienced

If I wanted to get answers, I would have needed better tools. Field Agent would work wonders under my Inspiring Presence or when using a more expensive First Aid. My Logical Reasoning could be tuned to relieve stress and tension from my allies and myself. Even my Deduction could have benefitted from some improving. But I was just scratching the surface.

The more I used my Power Word, the more I learnt what to use it for: a whisper and creatures would be fighting each other, a murmur and they would bring me useful clues to progress my research. I could command them to do two tasks at the same time, and I could do so from a safe distance. My new toy made so that I wouldn't need to do much anymore, my minions fighting, investigating and healing in my stead.

Had I truly learn how to communicate with the unspeakable? Would my human mind withstand the horrors I was uttering myself?

Session 4 - Fine Tuning

What else was there to improve? Plenty, in fact. I took out a Police Badge to protect my mind and sprint in action when needed. My Clarity of Mind became Earthly Serenity, a Surgical Kit became a nice inclusion in my healing arsenal and both Occult Theory and Bestow Resolve came out to be perfect tools to aid my allies. Also, packing some tarot (Death • XIII and Four of Cups) bolstered my mind immensely.

The more experienced I got, the better I was at helping my research team while commanding creatures around, hypnotizing their psyche so that they wouldn't attack ours.

Session 5 - Conclusions

This research mission was a complete success, and I find myself more and more fond of this Power Word. I hope others can find inspiration and knowledge reading this report. My aim is to treat these creatures as an asset, instead of vanquishing them mindlessly: the unknown only wishes to be discovered, not destroyed.

Best regards,

Dr. Carolyn Fern

Addendum added to the file by Dr. N. Withers

Harvey you son of a Byakhee, why would you ever hide this from me?! Miss Fern found a way to use them, and I'm going in.

Go read a book, you old rat!


Oct 20, 2022 LCGFan2020 · 1

Nice write-up!

Nov 15, 2022 isuscbrmid · 38

How does In the Thick of It works with the power word? Im seeing 5xp spent right? instead of 3 (3 will be just the card + mercy)

Nov 15, 2022 Providence · 462

@isuscbrmid I'm not sure I understand what you're saying, but Power Word does not cost XP by itself. The 3 xp from In the Thick of It are spent on the Mercy (1 xp) and Greater Control (2 xp) upgrades for PW.