Dispose & Recycle Minh

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Octo · 42

This was made as primary clue gatherer for Eternal Slumber, however it wasn't really fast enough at getting clues as it could only really manage one at a time. The scenario kind of rocked us because [redacted] so that affected how good this seemed. However, overall this deck provided absolutely tons of value in terms of s and commits and was just continually chucking cards into all kinds of skills tests.



  • Magnifying Glass: sometimes it's best to keep this in hand where possible in case The King in Yellow turns up, sometimes it's not - kind of depends on whether you can get it back or not.
  • Higher Education: was useless as I was throwing away cards all the time. It makes me think maybe that if you can use this as Minh then you're not adding enough cards to your party's skill tests.
  • Cornered: never played this even though had it in my hand for long periods. I was already chucking away lots of cards, this would have sent it into overdrive and possibly been too much.
  • Lantern: not great, but decent and consistent, didn't chuck it for damage though as the monsters were pretty rough (and I kind of forgot).
  • Eureka!: never hit as many of the tests were really tough, but the skills icons alone are really useful
  • Inquiring Mind: really strong as she's not a fast clue gatherer so there's often clues around. Also chucking in 3 (+1) to someone's test is just bananas.
  • Shortcut: didn't get used, but we weren't moving around much
  • Resourceful: took a while until there was something in the discard pile to make this fully useful, tried to find more targets for it during the deck build but nothing really jumped out at me.
  • Tooth of Eztli: seems good on paper, but hard to really quantify how much value was got out of this as treachery tests were so hard. Maybe swap it for Rabbit's Foot as it's another target for Resourceful and works better if things are hard. It's not cheap either.

This has good potential, so maybe I'll try this again without Higher Education and likely without Cornered and Tooth of Eztli.


Dec 07, 2018 Django · 1754

Combo Scavenging + Cornered seems nice but slow.

You have many Assets that make The deck slow or do you commit most of them for Scavenging?

Dec 07, 2018 Octo · 42

I agree that Scavenging + Cornered looks nice on paper but performs less well in reality.

I think Scavenging was fine and I feel like Minh is one of the best investigators for that card because:

  • she's naturally throwing stuff away
  • as a seeker will trigger the condition more often with extra card support
  • it fits in her deck restrictions easily

However Cornered ended up being unnecessary and I don't think it was worth the 4 XP for 2 copies. I also resisted paying the 2 resources to get it out during the game even though I had it in hand which says a lot.

As for the assets: It did take a while to get fully set up and I had a whole heap of assets out when I did, but the core items to get going are really Lantern Magnifying Glass and Dr. Milan Christopher.

  • Scavenging is not essential to have out immediately and it can come a little later as there's nothing to scavenge at first and the discard pile doesn't go anywhere.
  • Leather Coat and Cherished Keepsake - sames goes for them. They were in there because they're free and are both Scavenging and Resourceful targets.
  • Tooth of Eztli felt slow and expensive definitely and I might skip it next time
  • Cornered was never played.

A lot of them are duplicates simply so you get them earlier and can then just toss the spare. I deliberately chose more assets as targets for Scavenging; they're not all essential to the build and to some extent are just a sort of "there if you need them, toss them if not" arrangement which seemed to work out.

The King in Yellow caused a few items to be thrown, but clearing the weakness and getting them back wasn't super hard due to duplicates and having little fear of throwing most stuff away.

So overall - yeah it wasn't super fast and I would probably trim some stuff; however once it was setup it was a really stable rig - your risk is spread across quite a few assets none of which are totally key, rather than losing two copies of that critical card and being a bit hosed - even Scavenging can be rescued with Resourceful.