Flamethrower Porcupine Zoey

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Octo · 42

This is a deck that got knocked-up by a friend before a standalone mission. Originally it had Armor of Ardennes and a M1918 BAR in it just to try stuff out, but I swapped them out for a second Survival Knife and Flamethrower for publishing. Also, I couldn't add two Random Basic Weaknesses so I added the two that turned up.

The point here is to get all the enemies off your party and onto you and damage them when they hit you, as well as generally hose them down with the Flamethrower keeping it active as long as possible.

The deck took a while to get going due to a dearth of weapons, but was fine once it did though when the Flamethrower sputtered out it very quickly looked pretty grim. This deck has very few ways to deal with horror too it turns out, other than a couple heal cards (one of which only works on Allies). So there's plenty of room for improvement but here it is anyway.



  • Second Wind: we thought this combo'd surprisingly well with "Let me handle this!", however it doesn't really: either you pull a monster and can't use +2 to skills and can't use Second Wind without triggering an opportunity of attack, or you pull a regular encounter and that's not really what this deck is setup to handle really. So I pulled it.
  • Survival Knife: it's on theme, but is this really better than the Machete here?
  • Venturer: slow and expensive to actually charge up the Flamethrower and you could just buy another gun, but decent due to the damage soak
  • The deck is quite expensive and has little resource generation - maybe swap in some Skill cards as it's very lacking in those.
  • Calling in Favors can help with resources also increase the longevity of the Flamethrower
  • Where's Beat Cop? Yeah could add that in as the + is always great and then death damage is on theme too. It makes me think it might be better to convert this to a Leo Anderson deck instead
  • What about Well Prepared? Yeah could be a good shout in this deck due to Flamethrower, but there's not actually that many skills icons on the other assets here.
  • What about Zoey's 5 misc cards? Yeah opportunity missed there, but the deck was only knocked-up quickly before we started
  • At 0XP I think I'd go for the classic .45 Automatic or Machete, swapping them out when the Flamethrower arrives.

So I think I might swap out Survival Knife for Machete. The classic Sleight of Hand obviously works here, but I don't know, that's pretty cheesy these days. Need to think about horror and really scope out the out-of-class cards for good synergies. Shrivelling, Clarity of Mind and Liquid Courage are all things I'm wondering about here. Still though, I kinda like this deck and need to try it some more.