Cost: 1. XP: 2.


Reveal tokens from the chaos bag until you reveal a , , , or token. If you revealed...

- ...a or token, deal 2 damage to an enemy at your location.

- ...a or token, heal 2 damage from an investigator or Ally asset at your location.

This action does not provoke attacks of opportunity.

Imad Awan
Devil Reef #162.
Manipulate Destiny


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When I consider "deal 2 damage" effect, this card seems good comparing other "deal damage" cards.

  • Mano a Mano (2lv): Mano a Mano only can target engaged enemy at first action.
  • Blood-Rite: Blood-Rite is more flexible and can deal 2 damage. However, bonded card occupy hand slot and needs 2 resource cost.
  • Coup de GrĂ¢ce; Coup de Grace deal 1 damage and immediately end your turn.
  • Sneak Attack (or 2lv); Sneak Attack can only target exhausted (or not engaged for 2lv) enemy.
  • Small Favor: Small Favor can only target non-elite, provoke AoO, and needs 4 resources (for 2 damage).

This card can deal 2 damage to any enemy at your location; there is no condition (engaged/exhausted/non-elite) at all. Also, this card has cheap cost (1 resource) and does not provoke AoO. Moreover, this card is neutral card. For , this card has spell trait for combo such as Arcane Initiate, Robes of Endless Night, Dayana Esperence, or De Vermis Mysteriis. It's the only problem that "deal damage" effect does not guarantee (and has only 50% chance). Adding may help to increase this chance, but this means that you may only consider this card with deck. (I'll omit and doesn't consider "heal 2 damage" ability in this review.)

But what if the chaos bag has no ? Then, it's always selected "deal 2 damage" effect whenever no token is added into bag! The token can be sealed at Crystalline Elder Sign, The Codex of Ages, Serpents of Yig, or Day of Reckoning. Furthermore, Jim Culver and Daisy Walker can do by theirselves. Jim can treat revealed as by his ability. Daisy must treat revealed as (or , , ) with The Necronomicon.

elkeinkrad · 473
This can be a good card for Mark Harrigan, dealing either 2 testless damage or healing 2 damage (which helps manage Sophie direct damage) for $1, with no attack of opportunity and a low resource cost. As either outcome helps him do his job, the randomness is often negligible. Good card. — KillerShrike · 1
It's also a secret Nathaniel card, isn't it? You deal 3 damage if you meet the cursed or tentacel token. Otherwise you heal two damage, maybe from those useful 3-health-allies like Guard Dog, Beat Cop or Grete Wagner. Not too bad. — Miroque · 23
How does Wendy Adams ability interract with this ? Does she make this card better ? — BoZo · 1

what happens if say I use olive mcbride on the first token pull and reveal both a bless+curse (or elder+crit), My read is that I do get both effects, the odds aren't great but you can throw in Jacqueline's ability to be pulling five tokens, seems like you'd have a decent shot at it.

1 cost heal 2, deal 2 damage seems fairly good to me.

Zerogrim · 287
From Manipulate Destinys wording it seems legal you can trigger both. If you have favor of the san and moon in play you can gaurantee to get both effects with olive. — Django · 4973
If you reveal the Elder Sign, can you also activate your Investigator ability? If you reveal a curse/bless, do you remove it from the bag? — natronics · 1
@natronics Both the investigator's elder sign effect and the "return it to the token pool" rules of blesses and curses specify that they only happen during skill tests, so I believe the answer is no. — mikecheb · 4

Here's a thought: Is this card actually pretty good with Favor of the Moon and Favor of the Sun? Now you can choose which effect you want to use. 2 testless damage for essentially 0 resources (because you will gain one from Favor of the Moon) is pretty strong. Normally I expect to be paying at least 2 resources for this, and/or have other restrictions attached to it. 2 damage healing for 1 resource is pretty good value, and also a fairly hard-to-come-by effect outside of . Looks kind of tempting for blurse Sefina with her paltry 5 health (though to be fair, Vito is excellent damage soak).

The counterpoints would be that it goes back to being random if you don't have the favors out (though the probabilities will vary depending on the state of the bag), and you might have more valuable things to spend those favors on. Also 2xp is not a negligible cost.

Zinjanthropus · 225