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elenneth89 · 58

Final version



I'm a pasta/pizza eater, not an English speaker here, so please be kind for any possible misspells or grammatical errors.


Cheers folks.

I present you my personal modified version of Stabby-Leo-Knifemaster, LeoLeoLeo (get it? for the three Leos. hehehe).

For this one I took inspiration from Dedalus' deck and I modified it a bit to adapt it to my tastes and playstyle.

I run it throughout the Carcosa campaign (normal difficulty), which we managed to beat it in a 3 men party, the other two being a novice player with Finn Edwards, and a more vet one with Akachi Onyele. Both of them were cluevers in their on way and I was the main monster beater.

It's my first "competitive" deck, so I may have misplaced some upgrades along the way, like the addition of Brother Xavier - maybe not required, or the too late switch ffrom a Switchblade to the Timeworn Brand. This one in particular thou was much fortunate, since it was VEEEEEEERY helpful in dealing with the last scenario.

Its development started just after the end of TCU release, so I was able to the get stuff like Ace of Swords only at mid-late game, so that has to be taken in consideration.

The build order can be viewed in the final version of it.


My goal was to get asap Switchblade X2 and Charisma, in order to start dealing de visu with the mobs out there and get help from my assets companions. Sir Leo De Luca has been a staple of this deck from the beginning, and a prime target for the mulligan, along with Mitch Brown-bruh. Literally everything else was discarded right away.

The idea was to get also a couple of reliable , so to stay at least in a range of +2 against the most of the mobsters out there. This was helped from the beginning by Beat Cop and later by Hired Muscle, the latter being a target for early upgrade. I don't like investing too much cards for having a temporary bonus (speaking of stuff like Vicious Blow, Overpower, Unexpected Courage), so I tried to remain as low as possible of investments, having just a X2 of Vicious Blow for emergency bosses or dire situations.

Consistency was the key of this deck, so I preferred to remain a lil' bit low on big damages (looking at you Lightning Gun) and counting on more small strikes. The help in this was provided by the undying Leo De Luca - bless be Thy name - and Quick Thinking. These two cards in combo where very efficient in dealing with the most of 4/high HP mobsters, keeping them busy while the other two guys were gathering clues or evading in order to advance faster with the chapters. In particular Quick Thinking was prime with low treacheries in combo with "Let me handle this!" in helping Finn Edwards with some nasty Rotting Remains and similar. He also had "You handle this one!" which was game saving at certain points.

I didn't have a single money problem in almost any game thanks to Lone Wolf and "Watch this!" and the low cost of assets that were peculiar of this deck. The addition of a certain 3-resources income with Stick to the Plan and Emergency Cache was very helpful at the beginning of every match to recover from the 5€ cost of the beloved Leo De Luca (-1€ for Leo Anderson's passive). Calling in Favors was used in circa 50% of the games, just to replenish Brother Xavier' and Beat Cop's HPs and saving money for other assets. I wish I noticed Ever Vigilant before, as it's a VEEEERY op card, expecially in the beginning for saving actions and €. It was added towards the end of mid development instead of another useful but very situational Elusive, which ended up staying in my hand 80% of the times.

Regarding damages, I didn't have too many problems during most of the games because of the soaking of the assets. Mental issues on the other hand were a problem, and in a couple of games I was close to collapse under the weight of my complex mind. Maybe I was just dumb lucky and didn't need it, but in a couple of times I was tempted to go for a couple of Elder Sign Amulet.

Regarding I didn't bother, as we had Finn Edwards and his free evade covering for us.


In the end, I'm very satisfied with LeoLeoLeo. It was hell of a fun going out there with just a knife and stabbing the crap out of hellish spawns in general with an average of 4 actions per turn and a very stable economy. If you have any comment I would be very happy to read you opinion, in particular from Dedalus.

I will go on an adventure with Leo Anderson and his friends in a not so distant future, surely equipping him with more lead and kerosene, but for the time being, I will leave them enjoying some well deserved rest, in the company of their mascot Guard Dog.



Apr 14, 2019 matt88 · 1797

I'm not sure about Ever Vigilant here. Most of your assets are allies which can be played with Leo's ability without costing an action. What has your experience been with it?

Apr 14, 2019 elenneth89 · 58

Correct me if I'm wrong, but Leo's passive can be used just once per turn, as it says "After your turn begins", not "during your turn", so I interpreted as an action that can be done just once. Hence the addition of Ever Vigilant. -> Leo as free action and a knife, Reliable and maybe a second ally all in a swing.

If this's not the case, 1)I misplayed the entire scenario, 2)Ever Vigilant is less useful but still a great pick, maybe added with the first xp so you can add your Survival Knife. Reliable, Switchblade in just one move.

Apr 14, 2019 matt88 · 1797

Reliable is not an asset so it can't be played with Ever Vigilant, that's the only misplay I see, but still Switchblade is fast so you re only benefiting from the resource discount and your allies can be played once per turn with Leo's ability. So unless you really want to play 2 allies in the same turn, Ever Vigilant does not have much of further use, and in my experience those cases are rare, so I don't think Ever Vigilant is that good in this deck.

Apr 14, 2019 elenneth89 · 58

Yeah I supposed you are right. Thanks for the comment, I appreciate it! =)