Sefina Rousseau - Solo Return to the Devourer Below

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(Spoiler Warning)

Return to the Night of the Zealot solo:

Disclaimer: non-blind run - several decisions within the game as well as in deck-building is done with prior knowledge of the Campaign in mind.


Now for the acid test - does Anna Kaslow work?
Starting draw is good with 2 Tarots and Anna Kaslow.
Verdict? Much ado over nothing. It's a lot of XP to devote into a setup that may or may not happen, and even when it does, has limited impact.
Disappointed. Perhaps I should repeat the experiment with the Seeker setup (with Studious, can theoretically see 14 cards in the starting hand).
Did finish this scenario in record time though (7 turns).
2x Storm of Spirits after advancing Act 1 is awesome, something which Sefina can better pull off with The Painted World.

Return to the Devourer Below (Standard Difficulty):

Events under Sefina: Drawn to the Flame, Elusive, Premonition, Storm of Spirits, Ward of Protection
Game Begins: put Anna Kaslow (Four of Cups), Four of Cups, and The Moon • XVIII in play

  1. Turn 1:
    Play Recall the Future (RtF)
    to Arkham Woods
    Investigate (commit "Watch this!" (3 resources)) (7 vs 2 shroud) RtF () (: success; +6 resources)

  2. Turn 2:
    Encounter: Frozen in Fear
    to Main Path
    Play St. Hubert's Key
    Frozen in Fear (7 vs 3) RtF () (-1: success)

  3. Turn 3:
    Encounter: Dissonant Voices
    to Arkham Woods
    Investigate (3 vs 3 shroud) RtF (-1) (0: success)
    to Main Path

  4. Turn 4:
    Encounter: Rotting Remains (7 vs 3) (-1: success)
    to Arkham Woods
    Draw Drawn to the Flame from Sefina
    Play Drawn to the Flame: Ancient Evils cancel (Ward of Protection)

  5. Turn 5: Advance Agenda (spawn Corpse-Taker on Main Path)
    Encounter: Grave-Eater Think on Your Feet move to Main Path
    Advance Act (spawn Jeremiah Pierce and Herman Collins on Main Path)
    Storm of Spirits (7 vs 4) RtF () ( - 2 damage; draw Storm of Spirits)
    Storm of Spirits (7 vs 4) RtF () (: success - kill and add to Victory Display Jeremiah Pierce and Herman Collins, kill Corpse-Taker; take 2 damage)
    to Ritual Path
    Advance Act (spawn Disciple of the Devourer)
    Enemy: 1 damage

  6. Turn 6:
    Encounter: Umôrdhoth's Wrath (commit Quick Thinking, "Watch this!" (2 resources) (9 vs 5) (; success; +4 resources; +1 action; +1 doom on Disciple of the Devourer)
    Play Recall the Future (RtF)
    Attack of Opportunity: Narrow Escape
    Fight Disciple of the Devourer (4 vs 4) RtF (-1) RtF () (-1: success - kill Disciple of the Devourer; exhaust RtF
    Investigate (3 vs 3 shroud) RtF (-1) (: fail)
    Investigate (3 vs 3 shroud) RtF (-1) (-1: success; exhaust RtF)

  7. Turn 7:
    Encounter: Chill from Below (7 vs 3) (: success)
    Investigate (3 vs 3 shroud) RtF (-1) RtF () (-1: success; exhaust RtF)
    Spend 1 clue: (7 vs 3) RtF () (-1: success)
    Spend 1 clue: (7 vs 3) RtF () (: success)

Scenario Ends ( R1 : 2VP + 5 bonus XP )

Campaign Log:

The Ritual to summon Umôrdhoth was broken

Campaign total ( 28 XP (including Carnevale of Horrors) )