Leo Anderson - 29XP Standalone - Switchblade(3)/Blackjack(2)

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TWWaterfalls · 279

This is a highly thematic deck with Leo for some Standalone scenarios that I hope to play with a friend and others while at Dice Tower Cruise and TantrumCon. The assumption is that I will be playing 4p games (goodbye Lone Wolf) on Standard difficulty but I would play this deck with a couple of full collection modifications on Hard.

Expansions Included - basically this includes the Core, Dunwich and what I am buying (already bought) during my trip to the US this month. I am leaving entire boxes of content at home just in case something happens to my Arkham while traveling. You could do this deck with just the Core and Dunwich and the Leo content from FA .

  1. Core Set
  2. Dunwich
  3. Forgotten Age
  4. Return to Dunwich (Blackjack(2) will be proxied using base Blackjack

I have tried to make thematic choices that fit a grizzled explorer like Leo in addition to building the deck around three melee weapons that will result in a +2 and +1dmg when used in the right circumstances.

The Allies

The most important part of any Leo deck is his allies.

  1. Guard Dog - combos well with the Survival Knife
  2. Hired Muscle is a mediocre card but it adds the very important +1. I think Leo is the type of person that hires some muscle for his expeditions so I will try this card out for thematic variety.
  3. Leo De Luca - still sort of thematic for Leo but getting an extra action is just too strong in the game. He is the unique ally choice for Charisma.
  4. Beat Cop - perhaps not the most thematic choice for Leo but the upgraded Beat Cop is such a strong card in this deck.

Ally Omissions

  1. Venturer - is an auto include when ammo resupply is needed but this deck doesn't need any ammo.
  2. Brother Xavier - I want to include this but would need a second Charisma because Leo De Luca is more valuable.
  3. Agency Backup - I don't have this card yet but it looks awesome if you build a deck around getting it.


The goal of this deck is reduce the resources needed to play all of the guns and ammo during a scenario and the XP required to upgrade to all of those guns and ammo. The combo of Switchblade(3) and Blackjack should make the typical +2 and +1 dmg is activated most attacks. Survival Knife is a solid 0XP backup weapon although if someone was playing Dunwich I would swap in the .41 Derringer or .45 Automatic.

Reliable is an important upgrade for both weapons since it will give +1 for the entire scenario unlike a gun that gets replaced after you have used the ammo.

Fun Cards Included

  1. Quick Thinking - Helps the +2 dmg bonus on the Switchblade and Guardians always like taking an extra turn especially at the end of scenarios.
  2. Decorated Skull - I am bound and determined to make this card work. If it doesn't work in a 4 person game with Leo killing everything then it won't work anywhere. The main issue from previous campaigns is the tempo hit to play it and then wait for a charge (shouldn't be long) and then take an action to get the resource and card draw.
  3. Flashlight - okay, this isn't a fun card but Leo has a 3 and there are turns when Guardians are just standing around with nothing to kill.
  4. Reliable is already mentioned but this is a key upgrade to this deck.
  5. Stand Together - fantastic economy card for group play.
  6. Calling in Favors - I am not sure if it is possible to build a deck without this card.

Key Cards Missing

  1. Everything from Carcosa, Circle Undone and Dreameaters.
  2. Lone Wolf - it's a 4p game
  3. Scene of the Crime or Evidence! - could swap this in for the Flashlight or add it for some additional clue gathering
  4. Overpower - it works but this deck isn't too focused on card draw if you can get 1 of 5 weapons in play and Leo should be at a 7 or possibly an 8 most of the time.

Other 29XP (or 19XP) Investigator Builds That I Am Working On For The Trip

  1. Ornate Bow Jenny - very different from my Elite Cluever/Evader Jenny
  2. Ornate Bow Ursula
  3. Daisy - to fill a standard seeker role if needed
  4. Wendy - exploring her mischevious Rogue side
  5. Chicago Typewriter Finn - this deck could be a disaster but fun. I think it will need Daisy's Encyclopedia or Minh with him to boost his combat enough to hit enemies.