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Winterrocks · 75

In the spirit of Christmas, this Lola deck will do almost nothing to help the team. Instead, it will give away all of its resources and cards to your team-mates.

Stand Together, Faustian Bargain, Teamwork, and Charles Ross, Esq. can be used to give all of your money to your team-mates.

Old Book of Lore, Scroll of Secrets, and Self-Sacrifice can be used to give your team-mates card draw.

Book of Psalms and Keep Faith can be used to fill the bag with bless tokens for all of your team-mates chaos token draws.

Ward of Protection, "Let me handle this!", Premonition, First Watch, Shortcut, and Open Gate can be used to keep your friends out of harm's way.

Lastly, "I'll see you in hell!" and Ghastly Revelation are used to kill yourself off while getting some benefit, because you haven't been doing much that is useful this entire game.

Happy holidays everyone.


Jan 05, 2021 AquaDrehz · 164

Happy new year too !

Jan 05, 2021 Krysmopompas · 167

ha, love it! Happy holidays