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zozo · 2287

Ok, so this is a multiplayer, thematic deck to explore having Jenny Barnes fit an 'enemy management' role. I put enemy management in quotes there; for a long time in the life of the game, people have tended to divide up dealing with enemies into 'kill them' and 'evade them'. But with investigators like Silas Marsh and Rita Young, the enemy management theme came to the fore. These two can fight and evade (one might debate which they do with greater ease). But: they aren't the only investigators with that kind of competence!

Really, Jenny Barnes is long overdue a revisit, and with all the delight Riot Whistle has been giving me, I figured why not see if our favourite dilettante can play around with it and explore enemy management. I love the idea of some cultist running into Ms Barnes, thinking she's dolled up to the nines and no danger, only to find her bristling with weapons and ready to deliver a Coup de Grâce on unsuspecting enemies.

Definitely one of the risks with enemy management is getting hit a bunch if it goes wrong. With the decent combination of Leather Jacket and Lonnie Ritter (who, come on, first featured in Hour of the Huntress - what a theme win!), Jenny can look to soak damage and horror. Meanwhile, Hard Knocks definitely earns its place here: with Jenny's resource generation, spare resources can be slewed into landed attacks and evasion attempts. And Hatchet Man gives a little boost to evasion too - if the end goal for Jenny is killing things, evading a trickier enemy can set up a nice 2-damage coup or turn some of her guns into 3-health enemy solutions.

Of course, there's plenty of room for subbing cards around here. I snuck Followed in as a cutesy 'well, if I have enemies all over me...' bit of clue tech. Swift Reflexes is likewise a handy 'for when we need the rogue to have too many actions' sort of card. For a clandestine getaway, Narrow Escape is your friend. As ever, I hope you like the deck and I'd love to hear your thoughts!


Feb 01, 2021 PaxCecilia · 82

I feel like going -1 Trench Knife and +1 Riot Whistle would be a pretty big improvement for how few draw effects you have available. Extra actions to engage seem a lot more valuable than avoiding the Attack of Opportunity. I'd also probably suggest that Obfuscation would be a lot better in place of Trench Knife, but it seems that Trench Knife is in vogue at the moment.

Feb 01, 2021 zozo · 2287

Funnily enough @PaxCecilia when I first drafted the deck I went 2x Trench Knife and 2x Riot Whistle and scrimped on the Vicious Blow. But yeah, the balance could definitely get tweaked. Obfuscation is a great shout, maybe for the Narrow Escape? I like the theme of a knife alongside the guns, you see. What do you mean with it being in vogue, btw?

Feb 01, 2021 PaxCecilia · 82

Every decklist on the current popular list features Trench Knife, and it was also the card of the day on Mythos Busters discord.

Feb 05, 2021 Django · 3486

That card of the day was probably the source of all those silly ideas about Trench Knife. But it's pretty easy to replace.

Regarding weapons, what do you think of Mauser C96?

Backpack and Backpack 2 could help you find item assets from flex slots, like the whistle.

Feb 05, 2021 flamebreak · 18

This deck looks like it's just barely unable to consistently pass tests on hard. Even if you've got all of your assets on the table, feels like you'll have to toss plenty of resources into Hard Knocks to deal with 4+ fight enemies. I also don't see the +damage of .41 Derringer triggering very often.

I would honestly dump both Leather Jacket and Swift Reflexes for something cheaper. Jenny has lots of resources but you will definitely need them. The lack of card draw also worries me. What if Lonnie Ritter and Hard Knocks get stuck in the bottom of your deck?

Of course this is just my ramblings so take it with a grain of salt.

Feb 05, 2021 flamebreak · 18

Also agree with @Django above that backpack with an extra whistle would be a good addition.

Feb 07, 2021 zozo · 2287

@Django I’m a big fan of the Mauser, yes! Nice thought. Backpack is worth a look for sure

@flamebreak thank you for your comments! Your concern about hard is a fair one - as this is a thematic deck, my assumption is that it isn’t suitable deck for hard. When I play on hard or expert, theme takes a backseat to efficiency, so yeah, there are some choices here that I’d shy away from on the higher difficulties.