A Sophistic Dream

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Dai · 1202

Hello friends. Whether you're here from my Eldritch Sophist Primer or just browsing ArkhamDB, I hope you enjoy this writeup. As a heads up, this is more of a concept deck than a full guide.

The general idea is to play Alchemical Transmutation and Eldritch Sophist, transfer charges onto the Gate Box using the Eldritch Sophist, and enter the Dream-Gate at the end of every Investigation phase (or in the player window after Hunter Enemies Move, as appropriate). In turn, this allows us to trigger Whitton Greene every round, finding the Scroll of Secrets and Hemispheric Map cards and triggering Astounding Revelation and Surprising Find. It also means that any enemies that spawn on our location will be discarded. Pathfinder helps us get out of our Gate Box to whatever location needs investigating each round, and the events enable us to extend our investigative reach as need be. Shrivelling and Spectral Razor are intended either as a backup if things go wrong, or for those situations where something needs to be killed (a boss or VP enemy, or an enemy engaged with another player).

The Eldritch Sophist also keeps the Scroll of Secrets online, which in this deck is mostly just card draw.

The side deck does not show the initial cards that would be replaced to reach this point; instead it shows a particularly out-there combination, using Versatile to take "Let Me Handle This!" (and some other pretty helpful cards), which is to be used when in the Dream-Gate to take enemies drawn by other players and instantly discard them.

Part of the reason this deck doesn't have a level 0 version is that, aside from Eldritch Sophist and Astounding Revelation, the level 0 version is a pretty standard Luke Robinson deck - the potential lies in the core upgrades of Alchemical Transmutation, Whitton Greene/Charisma and Pathfinder.

This is not a tested deck but rather a concept intended to showcase some of the weird potential of the Sophist. It is likely to be effective in its niche but extremely inconsistent (and to that end could do with extra card draw - Preposterous Sketches and maybe Deep Knowledge - and possibly resource generation).


Apr 09, 2021 minju · 1

Pretty surprised to see that the Dayana Esperence + Eldritch Sophist combo didn't land on Luke with his event ability, but yeah. This one and the Marie one were great.

Oct 18, 2022 myszywur · 7

interesting deck, I think instead of sophist I would simply add Truth from Fiction