Full Greed Lola Hayes: the InBestigator (Hard) (2+ Players)

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Searns · 139

Wait! Before you leave! I know what you're thinking: "But, Searn! Lola Hayes is the worst investigator!"

I have played Lola Hayes in 4 campaigns now (each in hard). I will admit that she was probably one of the worst investigators up until the release of The Edge of the Earth. Lola has silently gotten one of the most impressive buffs of any of the past investigators leading into this cycle. If you are a fan of her, I highly recommend trying out this build.

I am here to inform you that, if you gave up on the Performer, the days of Lola Hayes as a meme build has changed. Lola Hayes finally has carved out a niche as one of the best early-game kill investigators in the game. With the addition of the synergy cards, Lola Hayes gets a massive power spike from scenario 1 to scenario 2 that jumps her to probably the best investigator in scenario 2, and she scales fantastically beyond that as well.

So, what did she get? First of all, she got access to In the Thick of It. This card is fantastic for nearly every investigator, so what's the big deal? Everyone got access to it. Well, there are certain investigators who get to use it better than others. If an investigator desperately needs 3 exp, they get much better (since the first scenario tends to be the hardest). For Lola Hayes in particular, we're taking it for 2 reasons: first, we get access to more permanents, which helps out our synergy cards when we get them in the second scenario. Second, and more importantly: we get to take 2 trauma of our choice, which we're taking 2 mental trauma. This means that, in combination with Arcane Research, we are starting with 3 mental trauma, setting us to only 3 sanity on turn 0 of the game.

This makes all of the Desperate cards perfect for Lola. Suddenly she can succeed important tests by committing them. Previously a big issue with Lola was that she had to dedicate too much setup toward fixing her abysmal statline. She needed tons of card draw to draw into that setup, and tons of resources to lay +1s on the board, which was getting outclassed by the other investigators. Jack of all trades, master of none is very bad in Arkham. The risk is not as large as it appears, because we can run 2x Say Your Prayers which will offset treachery cards that will threaten driving us insane. Additionally, this makes Lola much more flexible in game, letting her commit to others if they need it, NO MATTER Lola's role. This is massive to helping her early game stability and flexibility.

Second, the synergy cards are actually crazy powerful for Lola. Since they activate off of Permanent cards, it's not hard for Gang Up to deal 6 damage. Gang Up turns Lola into one of the most potent boss killers in the game, dealing 12 with 2 actions is absolutely bonkers. It also gives her the stats she's missing, +5 is truly an insane amount of stats, along with +5 damage for only 1 experience. You can actually forego the 1x Rod of Animalism in favor of 1 Gang Up if your team needs more burst in the first scenario. The rod is probably better, as it gives you more money which you'll need in the first scenario, and more sanity to stay sane. Additionally the Rod offers more consistent damage output, which is usually what you'll need for first scenarios. Gang Up is the main build around, since it's the main synergy card that progresses board state, the rest are supportive functions, which places Lola firmly into a kill role. The rest provide her powerful low-exp options that will really push the power level of your deck based on the amount of exp you get in the first scenario. Your first buys are pretty much all of the synergy cards.

The last massive buff to Lola Hayes is Sled Dog. Sled Dog fits so perfect into this version of kill-focused Lola Hayes because it: 1: Provides a form of movement across large boards. 2: Stacks to powerful, repetitive damage option. and 3: Saves us from going insane as they have quite a bit extra health and sanity. I was lukewarm on this card going in, but it just fits so perfectly into this deck, and lets you ignore buying a strong weapon. Even just 2-3 Sled Dog compares favorably to some 3-4 exp weapons since they are flexible and cost no exp and keep our hands open.

Some other choices I recommend: Boxing Gloves is perfect for this deck. It finds us spirit cards, which include Stand Together Ward of Protection and most importantly Gang Up. Also there isn't really a good Guardian permanent for Lola, and we don't want to sit in the Guardian role very long on her. NOTE: You don't get the trigger if you aren't guardian, but it still buffs your Sled Dog by +1 fight.

Premonition is really important to ensure our Gang Up hits, but also good with large Sled Dog fights. Additionally, Ward of Protection helps us stay alive and block things that might add doom to the agenda.

You really only need 1 ally that isn't Sled Dog. For that, I recommend Leo De Luca. We always get his effect, and he gives us more sanity. The actions help us set up since we're pretty action heavy, keeping us pretty flexible. Another option might be Peter Sylvestre but we don't really need the stats he gives, and it's hard for us to get the heal... It does help us not go insane more, but also a lot of red characters want the stats.

Finally, we have TONS of ways to upgrade this deck. Cheaper, faster card draw is good with Preposterous Sketches 2, Stand Together 3... Studious is quite good, as well as Another Day, Another Dollar. You can drop the less useful desperate cards for card slots and Strength in Numbers.

Finally playstyle: In the first scenario, your goal is mostly to not die. You'll want to mulligan aggressively for anything that keeps you alive in the sanity department. Then, it's just simple setup Arkham with the Lola minigame attached. Try to end your turns on Mystic or Seeker if able, so your board slots for Rogue, Guardian, and Seeker don't get eaten by your weakness. Use Mr. Pawterson's / Cherished Keepsakes health aggressively.

If you want to up this deck to Expert level, you'll need to take out the flexible options like "Look what I found!", maybe go less greedy and take out Delve Too Deep and go a bit taller into your fight stat. More flat buffs will help you get over those massive number thresholds. Will to Survive 3 will really help you get massive damage turns off in high difficulties.


Jan 11, 2022 Ledeberge · 1

Oh this is fascinating. I would love to see a late/end campaign version of this decklist.

Jan 11, 2022 Death by Chocolate · 1021

I've been a strong supporter of Lola and have always found her to be strong when played well, having played her through Carcosa on release as a powerful Flex 'gator, so I'm always glad to see more love for her!

The only cards I'm skeptical on here is the survivor package as the events are very reactive which means you want to sit in survivor for them while the survivor assets are all good passive effects you want to not sit in survivor for. I imagine though in hard it is easy enough to anticipate a failure on shroud 2 locations. I would also consider the Survivor permanent as the drawback doesn't do that much except psychologically. There isn't much search in this deck and having cards stuck in the 'bottom 10 cards' is always a situation in a big deck character such as Lola, and it gets you up to 4 guaranteed synergy on turn one. I'd love to hear your thoughts/experience with the red cards in the deck!

Jan 11, 2022 slothgodfather · 7

Do you have a late-game deck-list made as well? I'm curious how she turns out for you.

Jan 12, 2022 Searns · 139

@Death by Chocolate The survivor cards are probably the weakest parts of this deck. Cherished Keepsake and "Look what I found!" are the main cards we're running. I like to have some ability to do clues to alleviate the load on the cluever. The Dark Horse is decent in exactly the first scenario, because this is the main time we'll be low on money, before we pick up Cheat the System. Leather Coat is mostly just here until we pick up Ancient Covenant to fill the survivor slot on our board. Ancient Covenant is a later buy for us, more around scenario 2 or 3, so until that time, it helps for that. Generally we don't need to stay in survivor role that long, and it's not that big of a deal if our 1-2 cards get wiped off the board. "Look what I found!" is very predictable on the turns you use it (usually investigating a 2 shroud location.) Lucky! is the last card in the deck, and I just included it as a bad 5th copy of Ward of Protection and Say Your Prayers. You're right, though, all of the survivor cards could be changed, depending on who's in your campaign, and what your group needs. My group had a kill-focused investigator, a cluever, and an evasive support-role character. I tried to make this deck more "versatile" but it landed solidly more "kill" than being able to clue and kill. This deck is pretty versatile, and if your team doesn't need the clues, you don't even really need to be Survivor for your 3rd role. Also, we aren't running any card search because card quantity is better than quality for us. You'd have to be pretty astronomically unlucky to have 3 Sled Dog and 2 Gang Up on the bottom of your deck, but if that happens, you'll be pretty slow. That's why I recommend picking up card draw upgrades after the synergy stuff. The only card that's pretty useful for us to draw early is Rod of Animalism and there isn't a consistent search for it.

@Ledeberge and @slothgodfather: I could post a 3rd/4th scenario build, which is where it is at currently for me in our EotE campaign. Generally, though, I've removed all of the Desperate cards except Say Your Prayers, added in all of the Synergy cards with the exception of Close the Circle, and picked up Ancient Covenant to have all of the roles accounted for on my board. I already mentioned some other upgrade options, and general plans, but my deeper plans depend on how the other players in my campaign end up.

Jan 13, 2022 Weges · 24

Love it! Made a variation myself, would love to hear your opinion. arkhamdb.com

Jan 19, 2022 foobar · 68

I like the inclusion of Arcane Research, In the Thick of It and Charon's Obol.

It really helps with not having to play the worst investigator for a complete campaign ;-)

I know sarcasm doesn't transfer well in written text, so just to make sure: this is a joke

Jan 19, 2022 Searns · 139

@foobar Exactly! That's the true synergy with her! My actual goal was to sucker people into playing this so that they have their first campaign deaths in scenario 1!

No meme, though, it is theoretically possible you just die turn one of the campaign off a bad mulligan into a bad card draw... I think the odds are astronomically low to happen, but I wouldn't be surprised if 10 people played this deck and it happened to one of them. Also if you can possibly get your resident mystic to run Delve Too Deep for you, it's WAY better on them than you...