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Full Greed Lola Hayes: the InBestigator (Hard) (2+ Players) 33 21 7 1.0
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Weges · 24

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I've added the Forced Learning/Short Supply combination. I'm assuming you agree that when drawing a weaknesses, you are allowed to keep the second card, see discussion on Forced Learning. Otherwise I'd never even play this. Plenty of cards are included twice, or like Winging It. Any time you really want to keep both draw cards, you can use the recursion to get things back. This is easiest with Shrine of the Moirai while in role.

I also considered Open Gate as it would add a massive fun factor if you pull it off.

for investigation & discard pile recursion. for fighting. for protection.

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Further upgrades in the side deck.


Jan 19, 2022 Searns · 139

Alright, sorry I wrote a whole response to this like 3 days ago and then it got deleted.

So I thought about Short Supply for a long time before I made my variant. Basically a free permanent is definitely worth considering. I ultimately decided against it for 2 reasons: First, I wanted to run Mr. Pawterson, because it made sense as an accessory slot to help keep me alive. Second: because a large percentage of our deck will become Synergy cards, we're going to be milling a decent amount on average. Additionally, Sled Dogs become bad mills, even if we are running Scrounge for Supplies. I think the odds of us hitting a combination of cards that are very bad for us are SUPER likely to happen over the course of a campaign, and because of this, I decided against it.

Adaptable is a solid swap for Charon's Obol if you're in a campaign where you know what to swap, or just are afraid of dying.

I really hate the improvised cards (Impromptu Barrier, Improvised Weapon, etc) with the exception of MAYBE Winging It. I don't think these cards are good in survivor decks, much less in Lola Hayes where we won't be the proper role for them. Optimistically, you mill all of them off of your Forced Learning and Short Supply, but even then they're basically spend 1 resource for +1 skill? Which is questionably bad anyway? There are very few enemies with 1 fight / evade. There is usually at least a 1 shroud location for Winging It, but even then the action seems inefficient. I would just straight replace them with the rest of the desperate cards you're missing. I do love the A Glimmer of Hope in this deck, though.

My main concern with this build is how many survivor assets you're running in conjunction with the events. I think in this build you just drop the survivor assets since you already have a survivor card on board with Short Supply. Scavenging is hard to trigger, even in normal difficulty with Lola Hayes, I think. Dark Horse is expensive, and having that die to Crisis of Identity can be a problem. Leather Coat is really not needed, you already have a survivor card on board and you'll be dying to sanity much faster than health. Cherished Keepsake is the biggest blow, but you're also running 2x Rod of Animalism and not in threat of actual death without Charon's Obol. Finally, I get why you chose the Guard Dog, but I'd probably shift that to a Stray Cat. It's gonna be really hard to proc Guard Dog because we have to be guardian role for it. I think something that enters and leaves the board quicker like Stray Cat will be much easier to use.

Otherwise, I think this build is questionably better than mine. I think it has higher risk higher reward. My biggest issue is that you want to try and mitigate RNG as much as possible, and as I mentioned earlier, I think there's a fair few combinations of cards you don't want to mill with Short Supply, and while any one of them is unlikely to happen, I think the odds are favorable to have 1 or 2 over the course of a campaign happen. (Bad combos of cards to hit are: any amount of Gang Up, 3x Sled Dog / Scrounge for Supplies, 2x Rod of Animalism, large amounts of exp cards, etc.)