Spirit of Caninity

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jaguar · 170

Boy do I hate this deck, thematically. But if you want to get blessings in the bag as fast as Sister Mary, well, you gotta do what you gotta do.

The purpose of this deck, inspired by The Pack Protects, is to use the inbuilt synergy of Tommy Muldoon, Rod of Animalism, The Star • XVII and Sled Dog. The gist of the synergy is that Rod of Animalism gives 2x Ally slot for creatures, and gives you a 1 resource discount every time you play one. The Star • XVII increases the health/sanity value of each asset in play by 1, and Tommy Muldoon gains resources for each damage/horror of assets he controls that are defeated. With no other cards, a Sled Dog costs Tommy 3 resources to play, and can net him a possible 4 resources when defeated (if you manage to take 2 damage and 2 horror). With the Rod of Animalism and The Star • XVII, each sled dog costs Tommy 2 resources to play and can net him a possible 6 resources on defeat - that's some appealing math.

The question is, what do you do with all those Sled Dogs while you wait for them to be defeated? In The Pack Protects, the answer is to not wait for them to be defeated and instead throw their health and sanity at every encounter card and enemy drawn at the table. In this deck, the answer is to turn them into blessings.

Given that your tableau of Sled Dogs may have as many as 12 health and 12 sanity in front of you at any given time, Tommy should feel comfortable using Spirit of Humanity as often as humanly possible. Well, he won't feel good about it, but he'll feel comfortable with it. Spirit of Humanity allows you to take 1 damage and 1 horror to add 2 to the bag. With two copies out, that's 4 per turn, and it accelerates your profit engine by winnowing out the Sled Dogs. We appreciate their sacrifice.

The next question then as with any deck is, what do you do with it? In this deck, I've included Holy Spear and Nephthys, which enable Tommy to be a top notch damage dealer using the blessings that fill the bag.

WIth In the Thick of It, this deck runs a lean 29 XP, perfect for standalone. But if you want to run this for a campaign, you can make the following changes to get to level 0:


Jan 13, 2022 unremb · 194

Most Tommy Muldoon decks run into the issue of not drawing the allies again after shuffling them back. Consider playing Glory, Overpower, Daring, maybe Stand Together (3).

Jan 13, 2022 jaguar · 170

That's a good point, any of those are good subs for backpack/keep faith/hand of fate to get some more card draw in.