Lola Hayes: Merciless Destroyer

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This a starter version of a deck I used in combination with a Seeker investigator. Lola seems best when concentrating on either slaying or seeking, but not both.

First, please note that Lola is fairly complicated to build and pilot, and by using Adaptable in conjunction with upgrades, an 8th scenario Lola deck will look drastically different than this. My list lost almost every Survivor card after I hit 7 Rogue cards.

The main idea is that Lola is the only investigator with access to both Will to Survive and Ace in the Hole. End a turn as Survivor to activate your inner heroine. Use Will to Survive at the beginning of the turn, then switch to Rogue using Lola's ability to play Ace in the Hole. This allows Lola to generally overkill whatever she's facing.

Katniss mode: Grab an Ornate Bow and go ham. Evade a big enemy and pump 9 damage into them without a single token pull. We can sit on Rogue during Katniss mode for Quick Thinking/Double or Nothing shenanigans for even more damage. (not currently included in list)

River Tam mode: We need an Improvisation in the mix to switch to Guardian, but a six action Machete without token pulls (+ Vicious Blow option) is 12-14 damage.

Melisandre mode: Another Improvisation necessary to switch to Mystic, but we can play and use full Shrivelling without risking a single token pull for 8-12 damage depending on upgrades.

Leo De Luca is always welcome. Alyssa Graham helps us dodge our weaknesses and provides sanity soak. Basically, Charisma is nice.

Lola can't tank, only brutally murder, so Leather Coats can be dropped for Bulletproof Vests if you'd like (minding deck restrictions.)

Lola loves permanent talents. I had Adaptable, Charisma, Blood Pact, Keen Eye, and Scrapper by the end of the campaign. They always give us something to do. I Adaptable-d in a Moonlight Ritual once I bought the Blood Pact.

Lola is high maintenance. Mystic is our most vulnerable role (without Alyssa Graham out) and our most expensive to get slammed with Crisis of Identity. Even with essentially 4 Emergency Cache in Lola's deck due to Improvisation, the 2xp Hot Streak is still a very nice choice.

What what about Dark Horse, you say? Well, once we get equipped, Dark Horse is gravy and combos well with our money dumping talents. I'd be surprised if this card survives the whole campaign, though.

Please enjoy.