Diana the Avenger - Purple Guardian

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TheBlackHorror · 12120


Diana is a tank. She can cancel so many treacheries and bad effects that she can take on far more than any other investigator. However, she also has access to a decent pool of Guardian cards, but with the Resource generation of a Mystic. Since it takes a little bit for her mystic powers to kick in, due to her low starting sanity, she needs another way to get things done.


(1) Mulligan hard for Arcane Studies or preferably, Physical Training. This will allow her to boost her low willpower early on.

(2) Also mulligan hard for David Renfield. He can generate loads of resources for Diana to power Arcane Studies/Physical Training. Plus, once a doom is on him, he gives Diana +1 . Suck as many resources as you can out of him before getting rid of him, which is easy: you can take an opportunity attack to kill him off, assign some damage/horror to him, or simply boot him to the discard pile by playing a Guard Dog (What can I say? Renfield doesn't like dogs).

(3) St. Hubert's Key gives Diana more much-needed Willpower , but also boosts her Intellect to 4, which makes her decent and picking up clues until her Willpower powers up.

(4) Use guardian weapons to kill monsters while you use Diana's Encounter Deck-canceling cards to power up her Willpower. Diana can protect other investigators from back-breaking treacheries like Rotting Remains and cancel attacks with Delay the Inevitable and Dodge. "Let me handle this!" allows Diana to take treachery tests at +2, or simply allows her to target those treacheries with Deny Existence.

(5) Try to save your Shriveling for your end-game, when Diana's Willpower is at it's highest. You can lean into Eldritch Inspiration and Defiance to protect you from the Horror effects.


-There are a lot of really great Low XP Guardian cards: .45 Automatic, Marksmanship, Vicious Blow(2), Kerosene, Dynamite Blast, Well Prepared (which works wonderfully with leveled Arcane Studies and Physical Training), etc. Get this: you can even get her an upgraded Bandolier, which boosts her Willpower!

-It turns out that Guardian gives Diana access to a LOT of Willpower boosters: Brother Xavier, Police Badge, Bandolier, and of course Bandolier.

-Sacrifice: another way to get rid of David Renfield and a way to give Diana incredible Resource generation and/or card draw.


-Physical Training

-Arcane Studies

-Taunt + Dynamite Blast

-Crystalline Elder Sign: This card alone turns Diana into 2/4/4/4! Grab a Relic Hunter so you can pair it with St. Hubert's Key and a Holy Rosary or Police Badge and she turns into a monstrous 4/5/4/4 without any cards beneath her!


Diana's unique deck-building rules allow for many fun combos and some incredible combo potential. Don't underestimate the Guardian inside of those purple robes!


Feb 03, 2019 apotropaic · 33

This is one of the best build/guides I've seen for Diana, even if it does use Eldritch Inspiration. I've had a fair amount of success with 1 copy of Hypnotic Gaze and Dark Prophecy, but haven't had good experiences with Eldritch.

What do you think about the static boosts, for XP cards? I'm thinking Bandolier makes the most sense, and compliments her weapon use.