Rita's RttDL Solo Run #6: Undimensioned and Unseen

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Derived from
Rita's RttDL Solo Run #5: Blood on the Altar 4 2 0 1.0
Inspiration for
Rita's RttDL Solo Run #7: Where Doom Awaits 4 0 0 1.0

Magnificate · 632

Rita begins at Dunwich Village

Opening Hand: Waylay, Track Shoes, Resourceful, Alter Fate, Flashlight

We're nearing the end of the campaign and Rita still doesn't have all the high-pip cards I wanted to get her. Dunwich is as always stingy with XPs and so in this scenario we can expect no more than two XPs. Notice that with Waylay and Resourceful in hand we don't actually need to recover Armitage's magical formula. Of course the encounter deck might decide to throw some curveballs at Rita, such as Imperceptible Creatures, but I've got a good feeling about it.






Rita's Boardstate: 6 health, 5 sanity, 1 resource, 0 clues

In Play: Peter Sylvestre, Flashlight (1 supply), Newspaper. Track Shoes, Esoteric Formula

In Hand: Resourceful, Alter Fate , Lantern, Cornered, Madame Labranche

Excellent! Rita rarely has so much wiggle room that she can spend action after action gathering resources. Normally I would hate to draw these animal thrall enemies, but here our investigator can run circles around them. The plan is simple, Rita will now recover Waylay and stand next to the Brood. Notice that the Charging Beast variant doesn't move further if it finds an investigator after its first move.




Cornered clinched Rita's victory in this scenario. She had almost no damage on her so it could be played safely and it was just the card needed to offset Haunted penalties. Rita has been relatively lucky about not drawing weaknesses so far, but we need to remember that she has four them in a non-padded deck. This is the reason I tend to use Rita's free time to get resources rather than draw cards.

Campaign Log:

Extracurricular Activity: The students were rescued. Professor Warren Rice was kidnapped. 3 XP (Vassal of the Lurker, Orne Library, Dormitories).

The House Always Wins: Naomi has Rita’s back. Dr. Francis Morgan was kidnapped. Rita rescued Dr. Henry Armitage. 4 XP (Servant of the Lurker, Art Gallery, VIP Area, Back Alley).

The Miskatonic Museum: Rita destroyed the Necronomicon. 4 XP (Nature Exhibit, Hall of the Dead, Restricted Hall, Medieval Exhibit).

The Essex County Express: Dr. Henry Armitage was kidnapped. Rita was delayed on her way to Dunwich. 1 XP (1 bonus XP).

Blood on the Altar: The ritual was completed. Dr. Henry Armitage, Zebulon Whateley, Professor Warren Rice, Dr. Francis Morgan & Earl Sawyer were sacrificed to Yog-Sothoth. 4 XP (The Hidden Chamber, 2 bonus XP).

Undimensioned and Unseen: Rita tried to warn the townsfolk and convince them to evacuate. No broods escaped into the wild. 2 XP (Charging Beast, Swelling Devourver).