Rita's RttDL Solo Run #7: Where Doom Awaits

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Derived from
Rita's RttDL Solo Run #6: Undimensioned and Unseen 5 2 0 1.0
Inspiration for
Rita's RttDL Solo Run #8: Lost in Time and Space 5 1 2 1.0

Magnificate · 632

Opening Hand: Flashlight, Peter Sylvestre, Newspaper, Alter Fate, Naomi O'Bannion

I've invested in Charisma specifically because Naomi's in the deck and she even found her way into the opening hand. Naomi is an exceptionally powerful ally, but at the same time she's expensive and rarely gets to be used. I really wouldn't mind if she perhaps started the scenario as an additional card in an investigator's hand. Regardless, since we've got our investigation tools in hand our friend Peter has priority over Naomi.






Rita's Boardstate: 7 health, 5 sanity, 5 resources, 0 clues

In Play: Peter Sylvestre (2 horror), Flashlight (no supplies), Newspaper

In Hand: Alter Fate, Naomi O'Bannion, "I'm done runnin'!", Track Shoes, "Look what I found!", Last Chance

The choice in the last round was between removing Haunted and evading more proactively. I've decided to accept the attacks there was no way to tell when Rita would get another opportunity to deal with that weakness. If, say, Hoods appeared right now she would be in serious trouble even with full health and Peter Sylvestre on hand to deal with horror.






Rita's Boardstate: 7 health, 5 sanity, 2 resources, 1 clue

In Play: Peter Sylvestre, Naomi O'Bannion, Flashlight (no supplies), Newspaper, Track Shoes

In Hand: Alter Fate, "Look what I found!", 2x Last Chance, Cornered

Threat: Thrall (1 damage), Beyond the Veil (6 cards remaining)

Round 6 was sheer awesomeness. Rita's elder sign rarely gets to be utilized to such degree. That was 5 damage and two enemies downed. All the same, don't overlook round 8 with an exemplary use of Live and Learn to dodge the dreaded tentacle token. As of now we've got one looming issue, the timing of Alter Fate. Use it too early and the encounter deck might produce another Beyond the Veil, save it until the very last moment and the encounter deck might throw an unconditional discard effect at Rita, as already happened in rounds 4 and 5. Fortunatelly, Across Space and Time is already in the discard pile.





So many thralls! Still, with solid foundations Rita was able to slog through her opponents and jump into the portal. Yeah, she's no stranger to jumping into portals, is she?

Campaign Log:

Extracurricular Activity: The students were rescued. Professor Warren Rice was kidnapped. 3 XP (Vassal of the Lurker, Orne Library, Dormitories).

The House Always Wins: Naomi has Rita’s back. Dr. Francis Morgan was kidnapped. Rita rescued Dr. Henry Armitage. 4 XP (Servant of the Lurker, Art Gallery, VIP Area, Back Alley).

The Miskatonic Museum: Rita destroyed the Necronomicon. 4 XP (Nature Exhibit, Hall of the Dead, Restricted Hall, Medieval Exhibit).

The Essex County Express: Dr. Henry Armitage was kidnapped. Rita was delayed on her way to Dunwich. 1 XP (1 bonus XP).

Blood on the Altar: The ritual was completed. Dr. Henry Armitage, Zebulon Whateley, Professor Warren Rice, Dr. Francis Morgan & Earl Sawyer were sacrificed to Yog-Sothoth. 4 XP (The Hidden Chamber, 2 bonus XP).

Undimensioned and Unseen: Rita tried to warn the townsfolk and convince them to evacuate. No broods escaped into the wild. 2 XP (Charging Beast, Swelling Devourver).

Where Doom Awaits: Rita entered the gate. 3 XP (Seth Bishop, Sentinel Peak).