Cost: 3. XP: 5.
Test Icons:
Health: 3. Sanity: 3.


Discard a copy of Spiritual Resolve from your hand: Heal all damage and horror from this copy of Spiritual Resolve.

Felipe Gaona
Weaver of the Cosmos #323.
Spiritual Resolve

This card looks to be the absolute king of damage and horror soak provided you can reliably find at least the second copy. It compares favourably to Elder Sign Amulet with regards to horror soak, although it'll set you back a bit more experience, and it makes Armor of Ardennes look like a complete joke. What's more is that Spiritual Resolve doesn't hog the ally slot, unlike Survivor soak champions Peter Sylvestre and Jessica Hyde, and a single Arcane slot is unlikely to dissaude Guardians who so far only really want the second slot for Enchanted Blade and its upgrade.

One very nice thing about spending a 5xp chunk on a Myriad card is that you get three copies of it so you will rarely ever completely miss drawing what you spent your precious experience on. This saves the frustrating experiencing of kitting your investigator out with a big new toy only to feel like that was completely wasted experience when your power weapon doesn't show up for most of the scenario.

So, who wants to live forever? How many Guardians actually want to sink 5xp and three deck slots into nothing but soak? Roland Banks appreciates some sanity padding to mitigate trauma caused by Cover Up, but he rarely wants for damage soak, so he's probably better off looking elsewhere. Tommy Muldoon prefers to defeat his soak cards in order to trigger his reaction, and his card pool affords him many less experience-intensive choices. As for Carolyn Fern, while she can take Spiritual Resolve due to it healing its own horror, her reaction ability only pays for healing investigators and Ally assets, so she really has better things to be doing.

Really, Spiritual Resolve is so far solidly a Mark Harrigan card. Mark needs both damage and horror soak/healing to make up for the direct damage from Sophie and his pitiful sanity, and furthermore the extra cards drawn by his reaction make it likely you'll find multiple copies of Spiritual Resolve to take advantage of its free triggered ability to efficiently heal it. Some Mark lists already play Smoking Pipe to draw cards while keeping the soldier sane; with Spiritual Resolve, both the pipe and Painkillers become more attractive in allowing you to move damage and horror onto this easily healed ritual. Alternatively, Solemn Vow lets Spiritual Resolve protect other investigators too.

Hopefully in the future there will be a couple more investigators for whom Spiritual resolve is a desirable card worthy of its experience cost. With all the Guardian cards that encourage you to tank attacks and generally suffer on behalf of your team its also possible that this card is intended to fit into that archetype as well, but I think we're yet to see an investigator who fully rewards that playstyle - or at least yet to see one with access to this card. I omitted Zoey Samaras earlier, but I guess she'd be the current natural fit for such an archetype given her high willpower, her deep health and sanity pools, and her reaction paying dividends for enaging everything.

Trinity_ · 194
I'd actually love to include this card in my current Tommy deck. While the discard option to heal another copy of Spiritual Resolve is situational at best for him, simply having a 3 damage/horror soak on a non-ally slot is fantastic for Tommy. And (after the initial investment of 3 ressources) he can always play the card basically for free, since he will get his investment back (or make a profit if he took damage and horror). — Soemann · 1
I agree; it's not perfect synergy with Tommy, but it's still extremely good. Insightful review. — SGPrometheus · 723
Save your experience as Tommy for the big guns. Cherished Keepsake and Leather Coat are really all the soak you need in largely uncontested slots. Those and a collection of allies ought to more than suffice. — Trinity_ · 194

IMO this is a great card for the battle version of Sister Mary, so she can have her Body slot free for Bandolier and hands for a Rifle or two....her squishy factor drops considerably with 3 copies of this sucker at the ready in her deck.

Krysmopompas · 344
It worked really well in my Sister Mary: Boxing Nun deck. — Snakesfighting · 94

The ultimate tank card.

A fast draw deck that can find it and heal it quick will be walking through fire without a scratch! It's cheap and therefore usable by money starved characters like Roland Banks and Mark Harrigan, Zoey is also good with it.

This card is a steal for 5 XP.

Right now this card has just one "just right" fit, in Mark Harrigan who'se ability to draw very fast and need for both horror and health tanks line up to make this a core part of a mid-high level Mark Harrigan deck. It's a fine method to make every character reasonably tanky without breaking the bank.

Tommy Muldoon seems like he might want this card but really, his abilities dont line up with it, his draw is too slow and his card slots are already commited to other cards that align with his ability better. It's better to put the xp into Charisma and play beefy allies who will net you similar tank volume and some useful mechanics while they're at it too.

Tsuruki23 · 2446
Why wouldn't Tommy just allow this card to be defeated instead of using the free action discard to heal the damage? It would cost 3R and an action to play the next one but he would be making a profit from the first one being defeated. — The Lynx · 928
He could, or he could get more value from other tank cards that he wants to fill his deck with. — Tsuruki23 · 2446
Don't most of those other better tank cards occupy contested slots though? — The Lynx · 928
@TWWaterfalls They do, but when you're using beat cop, BroX, or agency backup, you can expect those slots to open back up sooner rather than later. Even if you want the fight boost from beat cop forever, you can just take charisma and give yourself more of those contested slots. I'm not saying (and I don't think Tsuruki 23 is saying this either) that it's wrong if you take this as Tommy, we just think there are better uses for your deck slots. I don't think anyone's going to say that 18 soak for 5xp, in an uncontested slot, isn't good. — SGPrometheus · 723
Ill add a bit more clarity to the review. — Tsuruki23 · 2446
I just disagree with Tommy not wanting this. You dont use the healing ability on it, but the fact that his draw is poor actually makes this- a 3 of for only 5xp- more attractive, not less. And of course it doesnt take any contested slots. This is a great Tommy card. — StyxTBeuford · 12879

This card deserves a full-throated endorsement for use in Tommy Muldoon. First, it is Myriad, giving you three copies for five XP. Second, it provides up to six resources or ammo on Becky. Third, it only costs three resources, which is one less than the Beat Cop, which has less soak and provides a +1 that Tommy would rather not lose. Fourth, it uses the arcane slot, meaning that it is not competing with other Guardian assets and you can have two active at a time to make sure that you're optimally distributing damage and horror to get maximum value. All around a great card that has served my Tommy deck well.

togetic271 · 4
It’s just dawned on me that this the fast action on Spiritual Resolve can be triggered by Knowledge is Power without paying the cost of having to discard another copy of spiritual resolve. Pretty niche but as the taboo version of KiP is only 2xp it’s not out of reach for off class seekers. If playing without taboo, we’ll, Zoey Samaras I’m looking at you! — Snakesfighting · 94
Taboo list do not change the level of a card, it only affect the xp needed to include it in the deck. — king_doragon · 1