Spell. Cursed.

Cost: 2. XP: 2.
Test Icons:

Reveal 7 random chaos tokens from the chaos bag. Deal a total of 1 damage plus 1 additional damage for each or token revealed, divided as you choose among enemies at your location. This action does not provoke attacks of opportunity.

Romana Kendelic
Devil Reef #155.
Gaze of Ouraxsh

I had 6 curses (no bless) in the bag today and I needed to do 2 damage to a dumb Witch. Pulled 0 curses, did 1 damage.

3/10 the lasting personal trauma outweighs the general favorability of this card.

Difrakt · 1227
Given the Witching Hour bag, there is a roughly 5.5 % chance of pulling no curses in this situation. This isn't much more unlikely than drawing the autodial during a skill test in the same scenario (6.5 %). So this was definitely unlucky. The most likely outcome would have been two tokens (38.7 %). But well, one damage is still better than nothing. — PowLee · 14
Agreed. 5.5% is pretty low risk overall, and the potential outcomes were very favorable. It’s nice you still get 1 testless dmg no matter what. — StyxTBeuford · 12879

Fell in love with this card at first sight and it turns out I was really impressed with it on my solo Luke Robinson run on Dunwich ("Return to" version, in standard). It takes some XP to gather all the needed pieces (the Blasphemous Covenant is a must have) but once you have them, this spell is basically 4-5 damage among enemies (yes, you chose how to assign the damage, its crazy good) in your location for only one action. The fact that it does not require a test is what makes this card so great and efficient (direct-damage cards are always more valuable than skill-dependent ones). In a campaign with annoying distant enemies such as whippoorwills, it got several shining moments, even in solo. This card was able to one shot Silas Bishop in Blood on the Altar and his buddy Seth Bishop later ! Combine this spell with an ally such as Dayana Esperence to replay it over and over again, and enemies won't be as problematic as before, even for a fragile mystic.

This card is good for :

This card works well with :

Narval · 54
Olive McBride (or possibly Favor of the Moon, when it's released) could help you draw more curse tokens — Zinjanthropus · 222
Agree fully. Running Blasphemous Covenant and 2 of these cards in a Min build. I gave Min the Accursed Follower and her partner Jacqueline the Dread Curse, so it's usually pretty favorable. — AdamMal4444 · 8
Definitely my favorite of the new bless-curse centric cards in this cycle. I agree with everything you say here. Spirit Bomb Luke is so much fun to play. — wedgeex · 39
Thanks for your answers, just updated the cards interaction with your suggestions ! — Narval · 54
don't forget parallel agnes! — groo_el_errabundo · 1