Item. Clothing. Footwear.

Cost: 2. XP: 1.
Test Icons:

Limit 1 Footwear per investigator.

You get +1 .

After the last clue is discovered from your location, exhaust Hiking Boots: Move to a connecting location with at least 1 clue, or to a connecting unrevealed location.

Drazenka Kimpel
Edge of the Earth Investigator Expansion #35.
Hiking Boots

This card's movement ability looks very good at first glance, but it can be surprisingly hard to get value from. Naturally, it depends on the level structure and so on, but some entire campaigns have a lot of levels where it's surprisingly hard to get use out of.

For example, a level like Echoes of the Past has a strip of (mostly) clueless locations across the middle, with clue-filled locations to each side of them. So you can't get rid of the no clues in the middle to move to the unrevealed or clued locations, and once you get rid of the clues on those locations you realise you can't move back to the now-revealed locations without clues either. Barring some shenanigans with Mr. Peabody, this makes it very hard to get even a single move from the shoes across the entire scenario. This is an extreme case, but can expand out to a lot of the campaign. The Last King is similar in its map that needs to be moved through a lot that begins with almost no clues. For The Unspeakable Oath, they're unlikely to help with the necessary back-tracking in that level, unless you leave clues behind, in which case they didn't give you any mobility early - this is their main problem in any level that does require back-tracking, which most of the rest of Carcosa does. In Dim Carcosa the has the unfortunate effect of not leaving a window to flip your location after you drain it of clues, so you either need to leave a friend there, or, in solo, go back there anyway, negating the actual advantage to the move.

Similarly, The Forgotten Age and its explore mechanic mean you will usually move due to the explore, often after getting the clues from the location you're on to begin with - something that's necessitated in a couple of the levels. On those levels, it's very hard to get movement from at all. On the others, it means exploring early and leaving clues scattered is a more viable strategy, and it does open up the board more which can be good. Or bad, sometimes.

Of course, there are plenty of levels where the shoes aren't really hard to get value from at all. I do think they work a lot better on the expansive maps of Innsmouth, for example. But I was very surprised at how limiting the move's requirements could really be, and just wanted to point that out.

So over all, I think the movement ability itself is less consistent than even the test on Track Shoes, and certainly isn't the Pathfinder replacement I initially thought it might be. That said, it has its upsides. Having the item trait means it interacts with a number of abilities, including William Webb, can easily be traded around, or discounted. It also gives a stat upgrade, which is certainly significant, and probably worth a slot for anyone who actually wants to make use of . It's build-depenant of course, but the people who most likely want to use that stat are the people who also like either movement or to leave clues scattered around the map, Ursula Downs, Monterey Jack and Trish Scarborough, who it was the obvious fit for anyway.

SSW · 155
You can make it much easier to exploit by pairing these with Gene Beauregard. — OrionJA · 1

Cheap, persistent stat boost, the occational free move, very likable stuff.

You can set up the free move on purpose, with cards like Gené Beauregard and Vantage Point to manage where clues go, or you can rely on good knowledge of how the scenario works to glide around and get out of trouble by your own strength sometimes.

Note the cool feature that the benefit trigger is not personal, a buddy can finish what you start and give you that speed boost. It's not keyed to being unengaged.

Tsuruki23 · 2150
After they tabooed Pathfinder I did not expect Seeker's to get another permanent asset that gives out lots of free moves so soon. — OrionJA · 1