Insight. Double.

Cost: 1.


As an additional cost to play Testing Sprint, spend an action.

Investigate. One at a time, investigate your location and each connecting location once each in ascending order of shroud, until you either fail to investigate or successfully investigate each eligible location.

Cristi Balanescu
The Feast of Hemlock Vale Investigator Expansion #47.
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Absolutely sick with Luke Robinson and his Dream-Gate, if you set it up properly.

Top Synergies:

Extra safety:

"Sadly" we cannot access Will to Survive for this combo :(

Let me know if I missed anything - always happy to make Luke even more broken.

AlderSign · 225
I want to be happy that someone maybe found a use case for Ace Of Rods, but mostly I'm outraged at the thought of someone Time Warp-ing a Testing Sprint. BTW you have to take basic Investigate tests since Testing Sprint has the bold Investigate keyword on it. — Pseudo Nymh · 42
I'd include Vantage Point as a synergy here - Dream-Gate normally doesn't have clues on it so that first Testing Sprint investigation would be wasted. Vantage Point fixes that. — TheNameWasTaken · 3
This can turn Amanda into pre-taboo Rex. — MrGoldbee · 1415
@TheNameWasTaken: I'd say Vantage Point is a strong synergy with Luke / Gate Box anyway, but I added it to the list nonetheless ;) — AlderSign · 225
You can totally Black Market a Will to Survive in this combo. The net effect is kinda meh, it's a janky Deciphered Reality, suffering all the same problems Deciphered Reality has. — suika · 9310
Surely Hemispheric Map is finally a consideration in this setup — subzerojosurvivor · 1
Also, a weird interaction comes to mind when playing Testing Sprint in pre-taboo Rex Murphy. — AlderSign · 225
@AlderSign you could also use written in the stars to add deduction, perception, etc to all the tests. Scroll of secets makes it less random. — Rafael_Rupert · 1
@Rafael_Rupert, #Written in Stars in Norman's hands plus this event can be quite powerful. — bugiel_marek · 17
If you have Close the circle you can do all of those investigates with willpower. And save one action. — Drostt · 57