Name Class C. Type Icons Traits Set Encounter
Carolyn Fern: The Psychologist Guardian Investigator Medic. To Fight the Black Wind 10
Gloria Goldberg: The Writer Mystic Investigator Clairvoyant. Dark Revelations 19
Marie Lambeau: The Entertainer Mystic Investigator Performer. Sorcerer. Promo 1
Baron Samedi: Lord of the Cemetery Neutral Asset Avatar. Promo 3
Foolishness: Foolish Cat of Ulthar Neutral 4 Asset Ally. Creature. Dreamlands. To Fight the Black Wind 11
Green Man Medallion: Hour of the Huntress Neutral 1 Asset Item. Relic. Hour of the Huntress 2
Molly Maxwell: The Exotic Morgana Neutral 3 Asset Ally. Assistant. Blood of Baalshandor 17
Ruth Westmacott: Dark Revelations Neutral 3 Asset Ally. Artist. Dark Revelations 20
Split the Angle: Ire of the Void Neutral 2 Asset Spell. Ire of the Void 8
Mysteries Remain Neutral 0 Event Insight. The Dirge of Reason 5
Mystifying Song Neutral 3 Event Spell. Song. Promo 2
Dreams of the Deep: The Deep Gate Neutral Skill Curse. The Deep Gate 15
Nautical Prowess Neutral Skill Innate. Developed. The Deep Gate 14
Liber Omnium Finium Neutral Treachery Endtimes. Dark Revelations 21
The Dirge of Reason Neutral Treachery Madness. The Dirge of Reason 6
To Fight the Black Wind Neutral Treachery Task. Dreamlands. To Fight the Black Wind 12
Yaztaroth Neutral Treachery Curse. Pact. Blood of Baalshandor 18
Sacrificial Beast Neutral Enemy Monster. Dark Young. Hour of the Huntress 3
Vengeful Hound Neutral Enemy Monster. Extradimensional. Tindalos. Ire of the Void 9