Minh Thi Phan: Cluever/Fighter/Support

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matt88 · 542

This is a Minh Thi Phan deck that tries to focus on investigating while assisting the team with decent fighting options and cash flow.

The deck has 3 functions:

1) Collect clues at good pace by making use of Fingerprint Kit as often as possible.

2) Deal with enemies by using Act of Desperation, Mind over Matter and later Strange Solution: Acidic Ichor (optionally).

3) Assist in the team's cash flow by using Charles Ross, Esq., playing Take Heart on your allies and later using Strange Solution: Empowering Elixir (optionally).

So, how does the deck work?

As we said, we make use of Fingerprint Kit as often as possible. This is because we can smash it on the enemy's head with Act of Desperation after we 're done with it and recur it with Scavenging. In the meantime we make absurd amounts of money from Dr. Milan Christopher and by refunding Fingerprint Kit's cost from Act of Desperation and replaying it cheaper via Charles Ross, Esq., which in turn allows us to pay for other investigators' items via Charles Ross, Esq.'s ability.

It's important to note here that Charles Ross, Esq.'s effect stacks, which means that the cost of the next Item asset played at your location is reduced by 1 for every time he has been exhausted. That means that if no items are played for a few turns you can play your Fingerprint Kit with a cost reduced by 2 or 3, maybe even play it for 0! Now consider playing Act of Desperation on Fingerprint Kit, refund its cost and then, replay it for free! This is why this deck can make a lot money and easily pay for items played by other investigators.

Also note that by having an upgraded Magnifying Glass, you can juggle it in order to deliberately discard the Fingerprint Kit in order to recur it with Scavenging and replay it at reduced cost using Charles Ross, Esq., but with such cash flow this deck has, even replaying it at full cost should be of no problem!

When upgrading Strange Solution, you will have the choice of whether to go double Ichor, double Elixir, or 1 of each. That will depend on your personal preference and your team's needs. I personally like versatility, so I would recommend 1 of each. If you like gambling, you could also go Shrewd Analysis for some XP efficiency.

The rest of the deck offers mostly utility. Preposterous Sketches for card draw, Overpower helps with Act of Desperation and Acidic Ichor, Eureka! for some card flow, Emergency Cache to set-up faster and Take Heart, as we said, mostly to help your teammates.

The core upgrades of the deck are Charisma, Higher Education, 1x Magnifying Glass (1) and Strange Solution (4). From that point, it's up to you to get what suits your preferences and your team's needs. Some recommendations are:

In conclusion, what you will generally be doing during the game is: Collect clues at good pace using Fingerprint Kit multiple times, while being able to protect yourself via Mind over Matter or throw the occasional damage via Act of Desperation and Acidic Ichor. In the meantime you will be helping your teammates by paying for their assets via Charles Ross, Esq. and feeding them with cards and resources via Take Heart and Empowering Elixir. That pretty much sums it up. Hope you liked the idea. Cheers.


Mar 13, 2019 simongeorges · 50

Would Resourceful be a good addition, to recur the Act of Desperation, or do you think the deck don't have enough slots to add it?

Mar 13, 2019 guybrush · 3

@simongeorges honestly I think the 1 overpower and perception should be 2xRessourceful.

Great deck by the way! Enough fight to play solo, too.

Mar 13, 2019 simongeorges · 50

In solo, I suppose you may replace Take Heart by Resourceful. I'm wondering how to deal with The King in Yellow, though.

But very nice idea about the deck, I want to try it!

Mar 13, 2019 matt88 · 542

@PureFlight Thank you so much!! I am honored!! :))

@simongeorges``@simongeorges Resourceful is definitely a good addition, but I would be a little worried about icon consistency for The King in Yellow. If you feel confident you can add 1 or 2 copies of it instead of Overpower and/or Emergency Cache.

This deck is not meant for solo by the way. It could work with a few tweaks, but still I'm not sure it would be that good. But it should be pretty good at 3 or 4 player counts. Thank you all!! :)

Mar 13, 2019 matt88 · 542

@simongeorges @guybrush Sorry for double post, the second part of my previous comment was meant to be answering to both of you guys. Sigh...