Rita Young - Xzharah slayer

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OtterConspiracy · 28

Warm Up Exercises (Introduction):

This is the third deck that I've taken through the Guardians of the Abyss, a mini-project that Frank and I have been doing for the last month or so. The aim was to get through both scenarios in standalone mode (so no XP gain between scenarios and no outcomes get carried over. The first attempt was by Silas and Marie (fail) and was the second Carolyn Fern and Agnes Baker (also a fail, but we did better!)

In both cases it was the enemies in the final Act Xzharah and Dreaded Shantak that were our undoing. So this deck was aimed dealing with those, and all the other enemies, while Ursula Downs dealt with the clues (and basically everything else!)

Getting Up and Running (Economy and Set-Up):

The core of this deck is a fairly standard Rita good stuff. Track Shoes are a great way to get around and pump our core stat and you want to mulligan hard for Ornate Bow as its our main way of dealing with enemies. Our set-up is quite expensive so Emergency Cache is useful for affording the core assets while Take Heart can help dig for essential cards and make a contribution to paying for them.

Running Circles Around Your Foes (Enemy Management):

Our main aim is to deal with all the monsters and cultist these two scenarios throw at us, while Rita's agility of 5 is a good start it won't get us all the way. Our main weapon is Ornate Bow which is classic Rita weapon choice, letting us attack for 3 damage with a skill of 7, before we get either Track Shoes or Peter Sylvestre online. Live and Learn lets us retake any essential shots we miss when we can't afford the actions/AoOs to reload (an excellent suggestion from Frank). The plan for the final fight is to evade, shoot, reload until we've dealt Xzharah 15 damage, and hope Ursula can deal with the other objectives! The bow also let us deal with the Hoods fairly trivially.

Baseball Bat is there as a back up weapon in case we can't find the bow, although Ursula was running upgraded No Stone Unturned to help me find it.

Of course evasion is also a great way to deal enemies, especially when we can ping them with a damage with Rita's ability. There are lots of 2 and 3 agility enemies in this scenario so Waylay is a pretty good way of dealing with them. Close Call, another excellent Frank suggestion, gives the deck another way to deal with beefy non-Elite enemies (like those Dreaded Shantak). It also came in really handy for getting rid of pesky Humble Supplicants that were blocking the boss at the end of scenario 1. Finally upgraded Survival Instinct can help us out of a tough spot if we get mobbed.

Healthy Mind, Healthy Body (Staying Alive):

Rita's biggest weakness is her low sanity. To give us somewhere to soak up the horror we're going to be taking we've got Cherished Keepsake and more importantly Peter Sylvestre. Peter also pumps our willpower a bit to help with willpower encounter cards (the agility ones we've already got covered). Unexpected Courage can also be chucked at any must pass treacheries.

Post-Match Analysis (Flex slots and observations):

All in all the deck worked really well and we were finally successful in our mission. The one card I'd probably cut if we were trying again is Belly of the Beast. While I still think its an excellent card for Rita, Ursula was so on top of the clue gathering that it just wasn't necessary. Also while both Lucky! and Resourceful are excellent Survivor card they could easily be swapped out for something else.


Jul 09, 2019 Django · 2048

I played through Guardians of the Abyss with another player 2 handed (so 4 investigators total), before starting RT Zealot. One of them was Rita and she was a blast. Like "Ashcan" Pete she doesn't need any setup, with her ability and high she can immediately evade and ping enemies. boosts and horror soaks are helpful, but not always necessary (though she was later defeated by 2 on Rotting Remains).

She was very helpful aginst those Things in the Sarcophagus and other enemies, while the rest of us focused on completing objectives. She got the bow in 2nd scenario using XP, but hardly used it.

Side note, the Warp Blade is very effective in RT Zealot to deal with those aloof cultists.

What do you think of Trench Coat as another boost?

Have you tried Drawing Thin? Her should allow her to trigger it while having high chances of succeeding evade tests. But not sure that she even needs such a ressource or draw boost.

Jul 09, 2019 OtterConspiracy · 28

Thanks for the comment.

I'm not convinced by trench coat for Rita. While the agility boost is nice its only for evasion tests and there are lots of agility treacheries in these two scenarios, so I think track shoes and Peter are more helpful. Also I think those cards have better other benefits compared to providing a soak for physical damage.

I seriously considered Drawing Thin as a source of economy as some of the asset and events get a bit pricey. In the end I decided against it as Frank's deck was running Crack the Case but I'd definitely consider it in future Rita builds

Jul 09, 2019 Django · 2048

It's doubtful you need Trench Coat between Peter Sylvestre, Track Shoes and all those icons, that's true. Her base is also high enough to succeed if you don't draw any of those on turn 1.

Drawing Thin is a powerful card, especially if you can succeed even with the higher DC. I played Calvin Wright and William Yorick with it and it was helpful in both cases, though it's best for William cause you can discard, commit or Cornered assets on overdraw and play them from your discard. But it loses a lot of value if you have no use for the additional draw and/ or ressoruces, tough it's flexibility to help with either is also pretty good.