Roland Banks, Up Front Fee (Solo, Standalone, Campaign) 9XP

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Roland Banks, Up Front Fee

This deck utilises the unique reaction trigger when first searching your deck using Stick to the Plan. Having 1 copy of Astounding Revelation allows you to start a scenario with 7 resources right off the bat. During the scenario, Eureka! and Prepared for the Worst also contribute to having a chance at accruing a steady income through out the game. Something which Roland struggles to maintain in Solo play, having to juggle a lot of roles and assets to affect many different tests.

Standalone Play

Standalone requires thoughtful care as to what tactics or supply traited cards to use in conjunction with Stick to the Plan. Dynamite Blast for enemy control, Extra Ammunition to leverage your .45 Automatic's and .45 Thompson's, and Prepared for the Worst for the best chance to get a weapon out fast early game. With a good opening hand and Ever Vigilant, you have a chance to play the full sum of 3 assets with the 7 resources you start with at the beginning of the scenario. Failing that, at least 2 as the majority of assets in this deck cost 4 resources or less.

Campaign Progression

Campaign play obviously requires you to build into this deck. Requiring 9 XP is sometimes not an easy feat in Solo play from the first 2 scenarios in a cycle. Roland Banks is predominantly one of the better choices in achieving the maximum amount of XP, as his ability allows you to both clear a location for Victory Points, and defeat enemies that net you XP in the victory display. Cover Up will hurt your chances of progressing through a campaign. Fingerprint Kit will give you a huge tempo swing in clearing this weakness fast, especially early game if you get it into play with Ever Vigilant.

Stand Alone / Campaign Progression further XP build.

There a number of potential ways to further progress this deck with more XP. Here is 1 example which is my favorite. One that progresses this deck to 19XP, to give you an idea of what this deck could be built into.

19XP (38 / 39 card deck)

+1 Random Basic Weakness (Not Included in Campaing play, only standalone)

+1 Versatile

+2 Calling in Favors

-1 Alice Luxley

+2 Art Student

+1 Astounding Revelation

+1 Agency Backup

-1 .45 Thompson

+1 .45 Thompson

Because your deck is thinned out from the beginning of 3 cards, and you will be taking a hard mulligan your remaining 2 copies of Astounding Revelation, you can afford to increase the size of your deck by +5. Whilst this deck doesn't use the out of class deck building option Versatile offers, it does offer plenty of means to get those 2 resources from Astounding Revelation, using Calling in Favors. Which further allows for more value in playing your big copy of Agency Backup, using Art Student as fodder once her reaction has triggered and you've acquired the test less clue. You can even use Art Student to fuel another copy of Art Student for a free test less clue. Potentially netting you 1 resource if you find an Astounding Revelation in your searched 9 cards.

Campaign Progression alternative XP build.

Here is an untested design space, utilising early resource value to better Roland Banks ability in the late game.

9XP (33/36 card deck)

-1 Vicious Blow

-2 Eureka!

+2 Research Librarian

+1 Occult Lexicon

+3 Blood-Rite

This deck further leverages Astounding Revelation. Playing Research Librarian will allow you to gain 2 resources, and the Occult Lexicon immediately after playing him. Enabling a free play of the Occult Lexicon for your second action using the 2 resources gained from Astounding Revelation. Blood-Rite enables that elusive 3rd or even 4th damage to be applied to an enemy, after successfully fighting with his .45 Automatic or his Roland's .38 Special, to enable Roland Banks reaction to trigger, gaining him a clue in the process which is great action compression, at most 3 times a game.

Pros and Cons

This deck is not without it's flaws. Over 10 edits I think i've nailed the best possible outcome for 9XP.


  • Action Compression: Potentially setting yourself up exceptionally for the early game will allow you to focus on the scenario at hand, failing that it will allow for breathing room if you struggle with early tests, or Ancient Evils fastens the pace of the game.

  • Resource generation: Astounding Revelation is the boost Roland desperately needed. Having those extra 2 resources and Ever Vigilant under Stick to the Plan allows you to have a very tempo driven start to the game. Crack the Case, is great in Solo Play as well, allowing Roland Banks to maintain his resource pool.


  • Hand Slots: Utilising so many assets that require hand slots in Solo play has it's inherit flaws when attempting to juggle multiple roles as 1 player. Later purchases in campaign play may include Bandolier to increase your hand slot amount. Removing 1 Dynamite Blast would be the preffered card to remove, as Bandolier allows you to carry the .45 Thompson, or the upgraded version (.45 Thompson) to compensate.

  • Drawing Astounding Revelation: Drawing this card is the worst. And with no way of recycling your discard pile, it feels just as bad as drawing a weakness: Dead draw. If playing with Versatile, Quantum Flux may be the out of class card you need to get your copies of Astounding Revelation back into your deck.

In Conclusion...

I'd love to hear your experiences in playing this deck. Any ideas for replacement cards, or alternative builds: Leave your comment below! All feedback is most appreciated.